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Week 8: What if…?

During these 8 weeks in the “ Project community” I learned a lot about online communities, networks and platforms. Gained a lot of knowledge which is very important to have if you are going to design one, or even if you are not… Anyway it’s interesting.

 I had a chance to explore and experience many different networks, platforms and  because of that I saw which of them are the best, most popular and have the biggest success. As from a users perspective I can see, what is good and what is missing, what can be improved for more comfortable using and the more platforms I experience the more useful knowledge I get.

So if I would design my own online community, network or platform my main criteria would be, that there would definitely be a possibility to join the groups, because I think it’s important to have, for example, a private group if a user wants. To have a group for his own purpose and just add people he wants to add, or share minds about the certain things. The other thing which is no less important is that users could upload and share their files ( Photos, videos, music, documents etc..) with others and comment under each of file. Every information should be divided in categories, so users could find everything easily, just by typing the keyword in the search field. Platform or network has to be easy and simple to use, so everyone could understand it.

Again, as a user of some different platforms and networks I see some really good ones, for example Facebook (again), how I can stop talking about it and comparing with others if I use it every day, every hour and I’m not the only one. There are millions users, so that means, that this one is really good and somehow had involved so many people and still doing it.  For example our client in my personal branding group said, that about two weeks ago she HAD to join Facebook even if she really was against it ( I don’t know the reasons), but she also admitted, that she couldn’t fight against it anymore. Here you go, just a simple example. That means, that  if I would create something mine, platform for example, I would take an example from this one, but I would try to make it even more wide and more adapted for work. 

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2 comments on “Week 8: What if…?
  1. Also, lot’s of learning moments here! I can tell you why she doesn’t like Facebook… the public element isn’t for everyone.
    Like after the elections in the states, I posted how happy I was with the outcome. Friends and family who live there (who think radically differently than myself) posted negative comments on my Facebook page and actually were mad at me.
    Different people have different ways of expressing their joys and disappointments and I was kind of shocked at the response. Luckily I also got much more positive response, but still – family is important.
    so yes, a private section would help sometimes.
    Good luck now with the group video 🙂

  2. Nancy White says:

    Thanks for picking up on the social practices part, and not just the platform part, Evelina. Design needs to take into account if something has to be public or private (remember back in the spidergram with the internal/external context part?)

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  • Nancy White { Doc is amazing! Thanks for the pointer to the video. I finally found time to look at it today! } – Nov 18, 11:36 PM
  • Nancy White { I wonder if it is immaturity, or that there is a culture that lacks critical thinking??? } – Nov 18, 4:24 PM
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