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Week 8 – Future (Im)Perfect!

Nowadays, our technology is changing super rapidly, especially online networks. If I had to design and foster online communities or network based on my experience in this course and my project, these would be my design principles:

1. Project-oriented.

Online networks that we currently have are mostly oriented for sharing information or personal stuffs with public, but how about the ‘professional’ side? Certainly, we have some platforms such as Basecamp, Asana which are project-oriented, but won’t it be nice to have both sides (personal and professional) in one platform? To develop this, I think that it would be great to combine best online communities’ features such as Basecamp’s ‘updated to-do list’, Facebook’s event creator, etc.

2. Separation personal-professional

Now, imagine that we have both sides: Personal and Professional. It’s so great! But how to avoid all the distractions? I guess the best idea is to have a separation between them. To develop this, I think that having a feature such as “Change mode to…(Professional/Personal)” would be a great idea. It will avoid users to see distractions from the other side. For example, once user is on Professional mode, the screen is set in such a way to avoid the notifications from the Personal side, so that they can easily concentrate on what they’re doing.

That’s all what I can think about design principles for my online community because, apart from that, I think that current online platforms possess already great features!

Have a great weekend, Bloggers!

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3 comments on “Week 8 – Future (Im)Perfect!
  1. great stuff! Do you all realize how much you’ve learned? I sure have! suc6 with the video!!!

  2. Nancy White says:

    I’m nodding in agreement w/ Laura, and for one specific reason. Your principles are not just about the platform, but also about the people, the purpose. If we only think of online communities in terms of the platforms, we are missing the real opportunity. Brava!

  3. Busra says:

    I totally agree with you Anitaaaa 🙂
    This would have been my approach too (I will blog soon, laptop problems)
    But espechally our group which experienced such confusions and difficulties have concentrated on these 2 aspects! We even came up with a solution!

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  • Nancy White { Doc is amazing! Thanks for the pointer to the video. I finally found time to look at it today! } – Nov 18, 11:36 PM
  • Nancy White { I wonder if it is immaturity, or that there is a culture that lacks critical thinking??? } – Nov 18, 4:24 PM
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