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Week 8 – Design online communities

This is an interesting topic. If I had to create/coordinate a new platform, my key principles would be simplicity and looks. No one wants a tool that is difficult to use these days. People want to save their time and that’s why they choose the most user-friendly online platforms. My online community tool would be very intuitive and would probably concentrate in only a few main functions. I think that developing a program with just few functions would let me concentrate more on them, to make sure everything is simple and smooth. I would’t like to develop a very difficult multifunctional tool, because then is a risk that it becomes laggy, too difficult and not intuitive. Also there would be far more bugs to fix.

I am not saying i don’t like difficult platforms. I like facebook, because despite being very functional, it is quite simple to use as well. But I also like programs like skype, which functions are quite narrow in comparison, only chat, calls, and video calls. The point is, these functions are developed very well on Skype. That is because the company has to concentrate on less aspects, thus giving better and faster results.

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One comment on “Week 8 – Design online communities
  1. Nancy White says:

    Clarity and ease of use are important. These are great design principles for the platform. What about design principles for engaging people? What are your social design principles?

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