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Week 7 – Design Challenges

If I had a design challenge I probably would use some of the online communities we have been researching. As we have researched Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for marketing and these are some of the main currently used social medias, not using them would be daft. However, this will depend on the product to be marketed.

It is easy to post and advertise videos on YouTube. Just upload unto your channel and go. Facebook and Twitter are the easiest way to share information instantly with a large body of people, friends, and contacts. This is important as mouth-to-mouth advertising is currently the most effective. You just need to make some people enthusiastic enough to share your ideas or design challenges with more and more people to end up with a wide fan-base. This is key to success and therefore using them is ideal.

En example of a Design Challenge I have had in the past was ‘Design Anything for Primary’. In this case I didn’t use on-line communities as I had far better access to my communities offline. In the end, I came up with a table for them to use on the carpet. 


This is an example that shows that marketing is completely dependant on the target market. This wouldn’t be marketed on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube as the target market is not found on those social medias. 

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One comment on “Week 7 – Design Challenges
  1. Malte says:

    I totally agree with you that the marketing really depends on the target group. For example the old millionaire who sits in his old leather seat probably won’t use facebook to inform himself about the new Rolls Royce.

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