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week 7, Design challenge …


This is a pretty interesting question and I consider that it is obligatory for a designer to participate in activity like this one at least once in his/her career  If I had a design challenge, of course I would join and participate in one of the types of online communities we have been researching,because I like new things in my life and I love challenges. Of course, it depends what means ”design challenge” - If I should manage an online community or just design something about this? It is an important factor the group you work with too.

We researched mainly Facebook and YouTube and my group tried to connect them with Tumblr, Yahoo and Google+. First of all,It will depend on the product I should promote. There are various of marketing strategies that I can use too. There are products that need deeper research among the customers and their needs. As my group has the idea to connect the biggest platforms in one, I think it is really cool and will work out for my design challenge.

What is more, if you don’t try you can’t understand do you like this job or not.

I personally think that it is not a job of the designer to research and explore the client’s desires. I believe that the designer should construct and create the product, while the marketers, sales managers, brand’s managers must learn what the market need and after that the designers to make it in real. But as I said in my first sentence, at least once every designers should accept this challenge,because designers are people who are open minded.

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4 comments on “week 7, Design challenge …
  1. Nancy White says:

    You have some very provocative comments in this post! That engages me to post a comment! (Provocation has that power!)

    From an NGO perspective, there is a fundamental principle that development should not be done TO people, but WITH them. However, the international development world has struggled to live up to this principle and some research has shown that the LACK of inclusion of those being served FROM the start, is one of the key reasons for failure. In fact, the arrogance of the developed world has caused deep human failure, something that always hangs over my shoulder as a person who works in this field. It is a huge responsibility.

    So your comment, “I personally think that it is not a job of the designer to research and explore the client’s desires” may hold true of some types of design. But I would challenge you to think across the huge diversity of “things” that a designer might design.

    I’d be interested if you can find very many products that did not take into account the end users’ desires in one way or another. Steve Jobs at Apple never said he didn’t take into account users designers. He said users don’t know what they want. These are two very different things.

    Think about the diverse ways a designer can access and understand those desires. An online community is simply one mechanism.

    What do you think?

  2. Andrei says:

    I think that a designer should mostly see his clients point of view and combine that with his point of view. That’s what makes a designer original, and also makes him establish his style. Kind’of a 70% – 30% if you will

  3. Nancy White says:

    Hm, interesting. When I have my “international development” hat on, I think “hm, this is not about the designer and his/her style, it is about creating improved outcomes for poor people.” This reminds me that the context for an assumption is critical! 🙂

  4. Nadezhda Stefanova says:

    Hi, Nancy.
    I am glad to hear I provoked you.
    You are also right, but the most important part of the job of the designers is to create – they have to be able to use their imagination, not for example to research the market and figure out what the society needs. That is what I meant.

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