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Week 7 : Challenge would be accepted !

If I had a design challenge, of course I would join and participate in one of the types of online communities we’ve been researching. Why?

First of all I should say, that I would really love to join the real work team group, who are going to help the world….

Because it’s a really great opportunity to see and know the world better, go to places where I had never been,  see it’s problems from different perspectives  and find the solutions, work on them, have my own group, the real work team who has one goal, for me it sounds amazing.

My group is called “Work Teams” and I would really love to try all things we had already discovered, try to work in a way we suggested, try the platforms that we put in the 1st place and just do everything what we already considered as the best way for the project to success.  I would like to see how this would work. For example the problem we thought of as a work team is “Improving water quality in Kenya”.  It’s amazing when I hear about the people who are helping in there, with an aim and honest wish to help others. I would be there, because in this way I would also gain a lot of knowledge about the certain things, I would improve myself and my work a lot, I would meet a lot of different people , ( Local people and the people I’m working with) learn a lot from them and of course teach them about what I know, well at least what they should or have to know.

These are probably the main reasons why I would accept this challenge !

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3 comments on “Week 7 : Challenge would be accepted !
  1. Maja Imfeld says:

    This sounds very interesting and I’m curious as to which platforms you have been working on? What were the main reasons you found them helpful, some more than others? And did you experience any difficulties with any of the platforms?

  2. Nancy White says:

    Good follow up questions, Maja! As I read through last week’s blog post, I too, want to start digging into some specifics. How would you measure your success? What would you improve? It feels like we are opening into the really rich questions as people begin reflecting on the work of the past weeks.

    What I am appreciating as I read the posts is this sense of learning.

    • Evelina says:

      Thank you for the questions.
      At first me and my group where exploring a lot of different platorm, but recently now we are working on two chosen platforms: “Facebook” and “Basecamp”.
      Of course each of them has their own + an -, but we found those two the best and the main reasons probably would be, that “Facebook” is a platform where you can find everything easily( people,companies etc.), upload a visual information, create private groups. ” Basecamp” is the best for making projects, setting deadlines, very organized platform.
      I don’t think we had difficulties with the platforms,because we just divided what should be done on facebook and what on Basecamp. It’s not so messy then.

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