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Now a days, we have many choices for online communities, and attached to them we have a lot of tools, so it is really hard to get to know all of them, everyone uses at least one or two online communities, but one or two is not enough to know about all the tools and different ways to communicate. For example in my case I only use Facebook (that includes direct messages, wall posts, sharing pictures, groups, events, applications, etc.) or Twitter ( that has hashtags, private messages, followers, twits, etc). But what about kickstarter or google +? or the rest of the online communities? 

For my own experience, I chose those options because, my preferences are to get close and be connected to all the people around me, and they are always using facebook and twitter, more than other online communities, so I am always posting comments or pictures in facebook, and for twitter, I am always tagging friends and putting hashtags that I am interested with. But if I had the necessity of using other tools in other online communities, I would learn them. Even though I am not good with technology, I don’t consider myself a technology steward, because I am really new at it and it is really hard for me to understand them.

If you are working on a team, there might be people with other preferences, in consequence you need to have communication and to be open for other options, so you can find a balance between all the group members with one of the many tools that you have. An important point of this is that you can learn a lot from others experiences and preferences, because they might use different tools, so they can help you to be a technology steward. 

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3 comments on “Tools
  1. Nadezhda Stefanova says:

    Hey Michelle,
    I just read your blog and I would like to ask you what exactly do you think about this using of one or maximum two online platforms ? Do you think that people must start using more and more or they must continue to use mainly Facebook and Twitter? If you like Google+ why dont you start using it more often in this way there is a possibility your friends to start blogging there too ?

  2. Romanos says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Yes there are many choices for social networking out there and there will be even more in the future! Like you said, you only use two platforms out of so many because they suit you best. I completely agree with that. I only use Facebook because it is all I need. I find it hard to believe that a person will need 3 or more social networking platforms to get his idea across or keep up with his friends.

    However the good part of having so many platforms is when you need to find a platform for your team. You have a wide variety of opinions within the team but also a wide variety of networks to choose from which will help facilitate the choice!

  3. Deyan Kolev says:

    I agee with your opinion Romanos about the easy choice of platform for our teams. 🙂

    I am also using only Facebook but last week I made a twitter account and it is so different when there are new tools and you don’t know how to use them. I think it’s not necessary to use so many online platforms when I can get in touch with all my friends and familly only with facebook 🙂

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