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durianseeds: “I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You” written by…


I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You” written by and illustrated by Yumi Sakugawa, published in Sadie Magazine, 2012.

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The final word

Its been a fun few weeks, but also time to move on. I had a great time blogging weekly and I think I picked up a few skills that I can apply to my personal blog. 

I really wonder how many of you are going to continue blogging. If you are, and you feel like you can follow me over here on my original blog.

In about a month or even sooner, I will delete this blog. 

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Week 8

Based on my experience both before and after this course I think that my first and biggest principle is connectivity. I would ensure that everyone everywhere could access the community when they wish where they wish. All major online communities and platforms are accessible from remote locations, mobile phones, tablets, anything that has internet and a display. Focusing on a mobile experience also goes with the flow of technology, at the moment everything is focussed on mobility. People buy less desktops, tablets are growing, mobile phones are turning into small computers. Remote connectivity is the future of the internet. 

My second principle would be design. I feel like the interface for such a community has to be the most intuitive it can be without it becoming annoying. I would not want my users to have to think or learn how to use the platform, I want them to know how to operate the platform at sight. 

I would also really investigate a new experience. Find a different way to place a community online. The best thing to do here would be investigate the current communities and see what is missing. People do not want to move to a different community if it is the same, they have to be upgrading. 

I might have more principles but I cannot think of more at the moment so here is my last principle. A clear target group whom you appeal to. You need to have a starting audience and once you know what that is you can chase them. This will ensure that you have something to start on.  

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The future is in our hands

This is the eight weeks, this is the project last a week. We had too much, from the beginning of trouble to the present final sprint. But you need to ask What are your design principles for designing. I think they are divided into two aspects.

1 the market demand direction

Why say market, as a designer, design direction is different, such as popular on the market a product, but it is not the role of consumer acceptance, we are exclusively for its design a better, more convenient products. In our team in order to help NGO to reach their objectives, application of the strong function of online community, for they design products to help them. So online community work way became my main idea and method.

2 innovative design concept

This is a class in the beginning, the tutor will require us to find different online platform, to find their advantage, I think this is very correct. If we use Facebook, might not get we expected effect, so Basecamp appeared, combining the advantages of the two platform we finished the request, but this is not enough, Facecamp, this only belong to our team his new platform.

Each person every day in innovation, every day something new appears, but I believe that no matter how the world changes, the future is in our own hands.

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Week 8 – Future (Im)Perfect!

Nowadays, our technology is changing super rapidly, especially online networks. If I had to design and foster online communities or network based on my experience in this course and my project, these would be my design principles:

1. Project-oriented.

Online networks that we currently have are mostly oriented for sharing information or personal stuffs with public, but how about the ‘professional’ side? Certainly, we have some platforms such as Basecamp, Asana which are project-oriented, but won’t it be nice to have both sides (personal and professional) in one platform? To develop this, I think that it would be great to combine best online communities’ features such as Basecamp’s ‘updated to-do list’, Facebook’s event creator, etc.

2. Separation personal-professional

Now, imagine that we have both sides: Personal and Professional. It’s so great! But how to avoid all the distractions? I guess the best idea is to have a separation between them. To develop this, I think that having a feature such as “Change mode to…(Professional/Personal)” would be a great idea. It will avoid users to see distractions from the other side. For example, once user is on Professional mode, the screen is set in such a way to avoid the notifications from the Personal side, so that they can easily concentrate on what they’re doing.

That’s all what I can think about design principles for my online community because, apart from that, I think that current online platforms possess already great features!

Have a great weekend, Bloggers!

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My advice to online communities


In the last weeks I explored many different online communities and discovered their advantages and disadvantages. Most communities are similar but they focus on different aspects as for example some are basically for sharing pictures or videos and others focus on reports and daily life news.

However most communities are the same there is something that distinguishes them from each other.

Is it the way the community is created ? the design? the layout? the tools?

Even though there are heaps of online communities I am wondering why facebook is still the most famous one.

I would say the reason why facebook is the most common online community is on the one hand because it is simple but still useful designed and on the other hand it is the fame.

…the more people have it, the more people want it and the more people need it!

Due to the fact that almost everyone has a facebook profile and it even became a necessary part of work and studies, people can’t live without it.

Why putting effort on exploring new communities and creating new profiles when facebook gives you all basic needs to communicate and all your friends are there?

I realised that people are sometimes lazy in this case. They want it simple and they don’t like changes as I recognized how many people started complaining when facebook once changed their lay out or messagimg tools.

Anyway if I would advice communities how to create and design their platforms I would say the most important things are:

-         make it easy and simple so that everybody will be able to use and understand the platform without to much effort

-         but also have a big diversity of tools and opportunities to share your life such as chats,  pictures, interests etc.

-         find your right target group, people of the same age, same interest or society etc.

-         be distinctive and special. If  people like the community they will automatically share it with their friends and the fame will rapidly increase


All in all I would say there are still some possibilities to create a good and famous online community as I know that there are already a few people who doesn’t like facebook anymore and deleted their accounts for a reason. If you would analyse those reasons and create an online community that also focuses on other things than daily private life crisis, I think there might be a way to succeed. But as I can say from myself I sometimes belong to the simple people who feel forced to go with the flow and profit from the bunch of contacts on facebook. I found it really interesting to discover other online communities in the last weeks and I really appreciate the great advantages of communities like google plus which it now my favourite way of online video chatting but I am still a person who needs other peoples advices to make use of other communities than facebook because I have never been a person that had much patience to explore new online systems.

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Week 8: What if…?

During these 8 weeks in the “ Project community” I learned a lot about online communities, networks and platforms. Gained a lot of knowledge which is very important to have if you are going to design one, or even if you are not… Anyway it’s interesting.

 I had a chance to explore and experience many different networks, platforms and  because of that I saw which of them are the best, most popular and have the biggest success. As from a users perspective I can see, what is good and what is missing, what can be improved for more comfortable using and the more platforms I experience the more useful knowledge I get.

So if I would design my own online community, network or platform my main criteria would be, that there would definitely be a possibility to join the groups, because I think it’s important to have, for example, a private group if a user wants. To have a group for his own purpose and just add people he wants to add, or share minds about the certain things. The other thing which is no less important is that users could upload and share their files ( Photos, videos, music, documents etc..) with others and comment under each of file. Every information should be divided in categories, so users could find everything easily, just by typing the keyword in the search field. Platform or network has to be easy and simple to use, so everyone could understand it.

Again, as a user of some different platforms and networks I see some really good ones, for example Facebook (again), how I can stop talking about it and comparing with others if I use it every day, every hour and I’m not the only one. There are millions users, so that means, that this one is really good and somehow had involved so many people and still doing it.  For example our client in my personal branding group said, that about two weeks ago she HAD to join Facebook even if she really was against it ( I don’t know the reasons), but she also admitted, that she couldn’t fight against it anymore. Here you go, just a simple example. That means, that  if I would create something mine, platform for example, I would take an example from this one, but I would try to make it even more wide and more adapted for work. 

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As mostly everyone knows – “FACEBOOK” is the most popular online community now.
I do not know how, but… There is around 1 billion people who use this network and it’s only since 2004! I am pretty amazed how it is possible to bring together so much people within so short time…

Few tips which would pull people to use new online community: (my opinion)

§  Something new and different from other networks.

§  No pop-up adverts. (I hate them!)

§  Easy to use.

§  Everyone is able to create own design.

§  Possibility to communicate in few different ways (chat, video).

§  Easy to share information.

§  Do not need to pay for anything.

§  Forums about different things.

§  And lot of more things which can attract people…

On my experience in this course I understood that online communities are very useful and, also, addicted. Before this course I didn’t use any so much. But now all information is here. You have to check “Facebook” few times per day if you want to know what would be tomorrow or even today if not you are like a white crow. But… when you check this for information your eye will catch some post which can look quite interesting, then other one and so on… like a drug – every time you will need more and more time to spend there.

What fosters people to use online communities?

When people do not know what to do the internet is the biggest attraction. Online communities catch every one of us with their adverts, “new” possibilities or “new” design, which you “must” try (because everyone will talk only about this for few days). Also, people need to communicate with each other, this is the main thing why “Facebook” has huge amount of users.

This course gave us an opportunity to choose the network we want to work with whole 10 weeks. I am glad because now I know how to use all information which online network can give. We had lots of time of researching two networks. I think we took everything what was be possible and useful from them.

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