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Enter to win!

Of the two websites we researched I think that the only website we could use would be We also researched which purpose is to help entripenurs in developing countries be able to find investment opportunistic to start business. on the other hand would probably be one of the best ways to gain funds for a design challenge. This is because that indiegogo focuses as much on the investment part as they do on social media expose. This exposure would be an amazing way to be able to reach as many people for the challenge as possible. It allows for people from all over the world to find out about the contest (if I wanted to make a world wide competition) and to bring their own contributions in monetary and the contest itself. I think it would be silly not to use indiegogo because there would be next to no downside. 

So yes i would use one of the websites we have researched. 

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EDUTOPIA! (that’s quite a challenge)

Embarking from the platform my group has been researching on which lies in the field of education, in which I would be willingly happy to contribute to its purpose.  Something extraordinary is happening in education across rural areas in Indonesia, Indonesia mengajar (Indonesia teaching), a participatory community run by young enthusiast teachers/tutors with their missions to fill in the shortage of qualified teachers within rural areas and spread them throughout the country and become a vehicle for learning leadership in order to have a world-class competence and understanding of the whole grass-roots community, each year they recruit and drill their best candidates and send them to various regions in Indonesia to serve as a Junior Instructor in the elementary school and the community for 1 year.

what would I do?

Would I like to volunteer selectively as a teacher? No, either way If I was asked to participate in a challenge, I would definately function as a designer who implicitly teaches and devises the practice of creating instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing. By applying the techniques of product design to education to loosen the narrow rigid process of traditional learning and show teachers how to tap into students’ deep wells of creativity, encourage them to see problems from inside the very core of an issue, and make critical thinking essential to solving any problem. 

what would be the challenge?

I have spent my whole life in Indonesia, so I know pretty well of how the system is working and it keeps changing inconsistently over time.

Firstly, Educational inequality has become one of the most important political and social issues in Indonesia. There have been numerous attempts at reforms and there continues to be more. With different causes that are deeply rooted in history, society, and culture, this inequality is difficult to eradicate. 

Secondly, Indonesia’s education system are forcing learners to be able to master many fields of study with such abstract material, which in turn makes the child feel depressed/stressed that contributes impacts like skipping classes, quit school, fighting, cheating, and others. The national education system still emphasizes on achieving value-based rather than on the skills and competencies. The education system has changed the mindset of the society to be too oriented to value which turned out to produce two products. First, the murder of creative thinking and work, and just creates workers instead of innovator. According to Ki Hajar Dewantara (Indonesian role model and paragon in philosophy of education) that education serves to humanize man back who suffered dehumanization. While students today tend to be robotic systems analogous such as education and a safe deposit box (Paulo Freire). The second product of the reactants of the society’s understanding is putting aside the affective aspect (feeling) so that students are simply printed as generations who are smart but do not have the characters needed by this nation. It’s been 67 years of independence and Indonesia each year has been fabricating out of thousands to millions of intellectuals. The grim reality, it was unable to change the destiny of this nation.

What are the values to add if I was meant to take part in? Design Thinking: Creative Ways to Solve Problems. This is pretty much similar to my personal branding assignment for this matter.
the philosophy of the architect, Robert Hutchins: ”The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.”
I encourage the pupils to find ways to think outside of the box rather than be confined by what is possible. Design thinking does all of this. It’s a comprehensive approach to understanding the world and understanding how we exist in it. And it’s so much fun!
When children get to put their ideas to practice on a real problem, that’s when you make a real impact.
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Design challenges and Online Communities

What if I had a Design challenge which I needed help on? Where could I find the best support and creative thoughts. There so many platforms out there which all provide for a different audience.

So having made that conclusion, I’d look at what kind of project I have on my hands and try to find a fitting platform for the problem I’m dealing with. Some choices are pretty straight forward. For instance you’ll probably get the largest audience via facebook since it has the largest community.

But maybe I’m dealing with a technical problem? I’m might try to go to which have loads of different DIY projects and a great community to help you out, although forums do great as well they are focused slightly more on a specific subject.

On the other hand I could be having a funding problem, in which case the obvious way to go is a crowd funding site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Finally collaboration works great on basecamp or google docs.

In the end every problem has a different solution, which is not strange since each and every problem is different. Though if you want to reach the full potential of your project you shouldn’t stick to one platform.

If I had a project I’d make sure it was available on a lot of platforms, so as to reach a wider platform, more and wider range of feedback and convenient for most any situation. Defining it more closely: a basis in Facebook (which everyone uses daily) a crowdfunded part to define and/or create a market with buying customers. And a blog! Especially the blog is important, since you can change the way in looks to fit you project, you can get feedback easily, and make it feel more personal.

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