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Week #7: Retrospective

If you had a design challenge, would you join and participate in one of the types of online communities we’ve been researching? Why or why not?

To answer the question directly – yes I would, especially if I would have a my design challenge directly (or not) related to it. Online communities give you a good retrospective of things you may get told, but you imagine them a little bit further form the environment of the actual story teller. This may give your mind more generated creativity, as you need to imagine the whole scene by yourself (of course it depends on how detailed story is) therefore it’s not given by the story teller.


And to answer your question differently: why not?

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Design Challenge Participation

When given a challenge I always try to find out how to solve it myself first. I think the best way to have a go at something is to try it on your own because it shows your true beliefs and what you think looks good. It shows how you work on your own and how efficient and effective you can be. If I really get stuck I would research potential solutions on the web.

With a finalized design I would to ask an online community as a form of research to see how I could further improve my work. When I know I have a good design and the public enjoys the product, I can then move towards publishing the design on another online community such as Kickstarter to develop my product and get it out into the public.

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Online communities: chance to rethink it over and over again implementing it and then putting it to practice.

If I had an idea, I would have probably joined online communities. The type of online communities I would join would depend on the context of design challenge itself. These can include your purpose and goals, so whether you want to reach out to the world. However, also includes your lacks, problems and orientations, in which the specific online community could help you. Some online communities for example concentrate on how to market and finance, while the others are concentrating how to find enthusiastic people. So it really depends on either your lacks, or your purpose.

The reason why I would want to join an online community is because it makes work easier and faster. Even though group work has its disadvantages, I think it definitely expands your learning through collaboration. The process whilst ‘getting there’ is the biggest learning experiences such online communities provide.  Besides that working in/with such online groups will stimulate action, process, and your motivation.

I would join work team, as they play a big role in gathering the people to collaborate online. This was my group, and I very much enjoyed researching different platforms and tools platforms offered, to guide our client. By working together with an online community, your design challenge gets much more realistic and specific making the project easier for you.

In all, I would have worked with an online community as you get to experience yourself how processes are done through online. In a world where technology is improving rapidly, you perhaps need to work with an online community or know about them.

“Making ideas happen isn’t easy and requires patience, determination and hard work. The most important part of it is not just coming up with a promising concept, but rather rethinking it over and over again, implementing it and then putting it to practice” Robert Hartland



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Face to challenge

If there are design challenges, I will not choose to consulting online community. I prefer to find a friend or teacher discussion.
Because I feel to go to online community post to consulting others problem is not accurate and satisfactory answer. General in the online community message, they are most of student or visitors, they can only providing personal opinions or ideas. But we went to ask teacher or go to the library to find relevant books, they can provide us is professional, accurate information. Because the book is millions of people to the crystallization of discussion and research. On the other hand, I don’t reject to online consulting the answer, after all, this is a the fastest, the most convenient way to get informations what you need. We can on share each other thoughts and then to do more innovation and exploration, it sounds will be very interesting. The best example is my group, I be proud of them, because we can quickly discuss a method to deal with difficulties. So I accept the challenge,because it;s  not only a problem but also motivate for us..

Finally, I want to say on this one more months of study, I face too right challenges and difficulties. As a designer of the road, I think it will face more challenges, but no matter so, I will make my choice

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definitely yes !

If you had a design challenge, would you join and participate in one of the types of online communities we’ve been researching? Why or why not?

If there is an opportunity, why don’t take it?

Am taking everything what life gives me:

“If life gives you lemons –slice those suckers and find some tequila!”

In my “language” this means – if you have problems or challenges, accept or solve them in the best way, just do the best you can and take all “awards” you want. MAKE THE BEST FROM THE WORST.

I am never afraid of challenges. If you have an opportunity to do something, just do it, because if someone gave you this, he thinks that you are good enough to do.

So If I had a design challenge, I would love to join and participate in one of the types of online communities we’ve been researched!


I really don’t have an explanation. I just would be in it. Not because I like this online community but because of the challenge. I would be able to change the situation to the better side.

Furthermore, this project could give you the best experience and recommendations for your later job. This is one of the most useful parts of taking an opportunity.

Also, with your participation, you can help people, you can share useful information, and you can create new spaces. Maybe you will find that this is the way of your life?

Now we are working on NGO’s, so this can have a huge impact why to be in it. They work on people needs: try to solve problems in poor countries, give everything to make sure that people will have better life conditions. Maybe you can help them by your work? And with your work can make someone’s life to be better? Or maybe it’s just my opinion because I am a volunteer. I have been participating in many projects and these have changed my view about taking all opportunities you have definitely.

All in all, I think that all people have to contribute as much as they can.

I would love to join; I would love to see how everything works. No matter if it would be the best experience, or maybe the biggest nightmare.

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Design Challenge

Well so far I would say that if I had design challenge I would definitely choose IndieGoGo to work with. It’s great for stage one project if you want to get good start with it. Basically you need good presentation on your project so that the people can like your campaing and give you money. And if you do that then the amount of money you will get is a LOT. But IndieGoGo only work for the initial stage of your project. So if you need more money you simply have to choose something else. So for my future projects I will definitely use IndieGoGo :)

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Indiegogo is a Go

Throughout the course of this project I have learned a lot about support fundraising and come across several websites dedicated to this. If I would eventually need to seek fundraising for a design challenge I would definitely consider doing some crowdfunding. For a design project I would take into account as they cater more to creative projects. I could also work with because they have a great network if I wanted to start my own project, company, campaign, etc.

The upside to using these websites is that they have a big community that one would have the opportunity to connect with fairly easily. The websites will not be doing all the work for the projects, but they are accommodating with their resources. For the project to be successful you would have to put a lot of your own effort into it. You have to actively use the websites and other online social media to create energy about your project. The more activity generated will automatically make the project wore visible on the homepage and search engine. However, even if one were to follow all these steps and create a buzz about the project then there is not guarantee for success. You can do everything right, but if the crowd isn’t interested in the project or it isn’t the right time, then the goal might not be reached.

Despite the no success guarantee I would still take advantage of this opportunity. There is no financial downside to these funding sites. If the campaign succeeds then you would only have to pay a small percentage of the achieved funding. If the goal isn’t reached there is still only a small fee to be paid for the funding you have generated or all the contributions will go back to the contributors. Even without reaching the funding goal you will still have generated some interest and exposure for the project. Therefore I would definitely use these opportunities if I where to have an appropriate design task in the future.

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Personal Blog Reflection Prompt #7

This week’s reflection question is simple. If you had a design challenge, would you join and participate in one of the types of online communities we’ve been researching? Why or why not?

I’d first of all definitely enjoy a design challenge if I had one. I think it’s very useful to join and participate in one of the online communities we researched and used in order to complete the challenge. I can get lots fo inspiration from the online world. I can also research on lots of different points of view on the subject in order to improve and develop my ideas.

When I’m ready with the concept I would definitely first join an online community or platform where I can get feedback on my ideas. If I want to find a good funding for my idea I would need to make it good enough so people can like and fund it. In order to improve my project or product I need to know what other people think about it by reading their comments, remarks and criticism. This also would be a very easy way to make my concept more popular so it can more easily be funded and solled afterwards.

When I have the right idea and create the right concept about the challenge I would definitely want to find the best website or online platform where I can find funding for my project or product. This way I would definitely make my idea a reality.

After creating a good concept, making it popular and finding the proper funding for it I think I can more easily complete the challenge.

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Design challenge

There are a lot of online communities you can go on if you have a design challenge, depending on the type of thing you want to design you can choose a number of different communities depending on the people using those communities. Of course the project would start off on facebook as it has the biggest community, after that I would narrow down to the ideas i think would be the best and find forums that specialize on those kind of things and some more relevant forums from which I would be able to find some ways to make the ideas even better, after going through those forums and facebook though I wouldn’t stop, from the forums I would get the specialized advice I needed but after that getting the idea down and putting it again on facebook and other online platform communities would be the best idea as it would make it more open and more people would be able to see it and give their thoughts on it making the whole run even better. 

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Week 7 – Design Challenges

If I had a design challenge I probably would use some of the online communities we have been researching. As we have researched Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for marketing and these are some of the main currently used social medias, not using them would be daft. However, this will depend on the product to be marketed.

It is easy to post and advertise videos on YouTube. Just upload unto your channel and go. Facebook and Twitter are the easiest way to share information instantly with a large body of people, friends, and contacts. This is important as mouth-to-mouth advertising is currently the most effective. You just need to make some people enthusiastic enough to share your ideas or design challenges with more and more people to end up with a wide fan-base. This is key to success and therefore using them is ideal.

En example of a Design Challenge I have had in the past was ‘Design Anything for Primary’. In this case I didn’t use on-line communities as I had far better access to my communities offline. In the end, I came up with a table for them to use on the carpet. 


This is an example that shows that marketing is completely dependant on the target market. This wouldn’t be marketed on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube as the target market is not found on those social medias. 

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