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Design processing

Upon getting a design brief, I would always start working on it on my own and not consult online communities on what or how to design the desired the product. I would start experimenting with the design, start developing from there. This is because I firmly believe that one man’s vision of a product is always going to be better than an input of a lot of board members. By working on something alone, you can put your passion into it, shape it the way you think it should be. This instead of having a lot of people wanting the change it a little bit at the time, making it worse with every move.

Only after I’m happy with the design, I would start to look at the options to push my design. Making sure that I wouldn’t post my design on a public online space, where it could be stolen. I would definitely consider a site such as kickstarter to push the product. Not the full product, just a preview. 

I’d choose kickstarter, because of the connection it gives between designers, engineers and entrepreneurs. And not the greater public, which gives it a professional environment. In such an environment, it’s easier to find the right partners to start developing my product. 

In conlusion, I am convinced that online communities such as kickstarter are a break through in the business world. It is now much easier to find ways to develop a design into an actual product and bringing to that product to the market.

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