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Facilitation of Learning

To begin with I wasn’t looking forward to the idea of project community’s however I have warmed up to it, I have enjoyed researching into how online communities can be used to fund projects, I have especially enjoyed looking into the field of crowed funding; in a time of economic hard ship I believe crowd funding could provide an alternative means of investment to start up business, I am currently investigating indigo go to launch a new venture. It has been an interesting experience having a teacher based in the US and to be communicating with her via Skye/Google hangouts.

I feel that the group and project are now beginning to pick up speed, although this could have happened earlier on if the instructions had been a little clearer. In the future I hope we will be able to learn using clear tasks and most importantly to me end goal.

When it comes to me facilitating learning for others obviously I cannot directly facilitate the learning of others because I too am learning about the topic, however what I can do is create a good working environment for others by creating group discussions and offering my opinion whether it is conflicting or in agreement. If everyone actively contributes to the group we can all facilitate each other’s learning.

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The role ‘independence’ has in facilitating learning (provided by teachers of IDE)

The role my instructors/teachers/coaches have in facilitating my and my fellow students’ learning is the motivation they gave us to reach answers ourselves. The teachers guide us through the process subtly, not exactly giving the answer but pushing you towards discovering your own answer. This freedom of exploring your own way and your own answers through actually provides us so much learning experience! However, this typical Dutch way of learning may challenge people who have different cultures where they are exactly told what to do. This is the reason why quite a few of us were confused, or doubted ourselves whether we were on the right track. But as I keep saying; through time, we all will get used to this special way of learning provided by the teachers. And when we do get frustrated my coach especially is really active on motivating us when we doubt ourselves whether we are on the right track. I really appreciate this!

This independence provided by the teachers also contributes in facilitating to teamwork, within our team as well as outer. Because we get this freedom and don’t get concrete answers of teachers, we start questioning this amongst ourselves to help and support each other. There is more team collaboration, because it makes us get more dependent to each other. Therefore we also start listening to each other better. Ideas are literally shared amongst each one of us. So confusion in a way helped :D And of course my peers help in facilitating: different cultures->different ideas and solutions ->more insights-> more easy and fun learning!

What I would love to experience is to actually consider this as reality, and make it happen. I would have preferred that we had one real-life problem, where each group contributed to within their task. So, for example the problem is found by the group-idea&network, then they present it to the group-funding then they present it to the workgroup (researching how they can reach people and facilitate network and communication along the lines of the problem) Then, group-work would present and introduce this to the innovation/ideas team who will carry out the investigation and design a real-life product online. Then, this will be presented to the marketing people etc. This way, we perhaps could have solved a real-life problem by having a huge plan how to do it online. It would have been A BIG learning experience where we collaborate and actually experience how each group functions. 

In my group we are slowly making this wanted-experience happen by hopefully collaborating with certain groups that may want to work along the lines of our problem and research.

What can you contribute as a peer facilitator?
I will be motivating my team, as well as others by sharing ideas and experiences. We are all here to learn, so I will definitely share any of my research/plan/knowledge.

For your commenting on others’ blogs this week, maybe you notice where another colleague has contributed to your learning through their facilitation and let them know when/where it happened and how it was of value to you. Are you game for that?

I’m in!

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Personal Blog Reflection Prompt #5

As you think about the learning you are embarking upon here at the university, reflect on the role that your instructors and fellow students play in facilitating yours and their learning. What are they doing? How is it facilitating learning and teamwork based on what you have experienced so far? What has been useful? What would you like to see and experience that you haven’t yet in the facilitation of this course from yourself, peers and faculty? What can you contribute as a peer facilitator? 

 Today I experienced something I had never experienced before. Our whole lesson took place online, infront of the camera. All groups ware online at the same time and they all had visual contact with each other.  I might say it all went pretty good, because we had very good organisation, even though it was our first time to try something like this.

 My group played a big role for the facilitating today. Tzvetelina was given the task to write the questions and other important stuff in the chat box. Not an easy job I can say because she needed to listen evetything the others had to say, but she did a very good job. Our teachers also contribute a lot to the general facilitation because they are the people that keep everything going. Everytime my group have difficulties understanding something, a teacher appears out of nowhere and explains everything  one more time in different way but at the same time with simple words. 

 Todays’ lesson was useful because I got to know how to use google drive, something I had never used before and I also understood what facilitation in general means. I think the course is going very well and I had experienced and saw a lot of new things, but I cant say what I would like to see and experience in future. The time will show us. And finaly as a peer facilitator I think it would be great if everyone in  the group has a certain role/job. That way we can all be active and we can all contribute to the facilitation

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