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What about technology stewardship?

What is technology stewardship? 

“Technology stewards are people with enough experience of the workings of a community to understand its technology needs, and enough experience with technology to take leadership in addressing those needs” 

(Wenger, E., White, N., Smith, J.D., 2009, Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities” CPSquare)

In a few words, technology stewardship refers to those people that have that sense of getting things done, by using all the resources available out there. These people can, for example, shape how the actions of a group proceed  (how information is spread, assuring everybody gets the information, sharing files and documents etc.).

So how do your preferences influence the tool that you are using?

Each of us is unique, meaning each of us has his/her own personality, likes, dislikes, needs and wants. The possibility that the Internet gives us today, is that each individual can choose an online tool to use, by the criteria above (more or others). They come in a wide range from websites that mostly host text and pictures (as a blog) to huge social communities such as Facebook.

What happens to these preferences while an individual is a part of a group?

Well, we all know that people influence one other in certain amounts. So what if every member has his own preference? From my point of view, there are only 2 possible outcomes. Either the group of people that work together adopt one single tool to use, if they’re all happy about it or they use multiple platforms, which usually gets kinda tricky to control (it may happen that not everybody gets access to that information).

What would i do?

Tricky question. Most likely i would share one or more tools that i use and ask the group what they think about it, listen to other propositions and start asking questions to find the one that best suits our needs. Or do some research about other tools that i haven’t used by now.

Coming back to how people influence one another. If someone comes up with an interesting idea, usually my opinion would be “Let’s give it a try.”. You could say that i like to challenge myself and test out some other peoples ideas or do some research before jumping to conclusions.

In one of my school groups, from the very beginning we started brainstorming about online tools and jumped right on some that we all use and have in common. Even though we are using multiple platforms to reach our goals, we manage to keep everything organised and in it’s place for a better result.

Cheers to our groups!

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How may I be of service?

(this picture has nothing to do in relevance with the topic, but it’s good for your eyes before reading my babbles :P )

Communication is in the process of changing itself. It will always do this and always has throughout due mostly to technology and the way we see ourselves but at this point in time there is a revolution occurring. The beginnings of this new change in communication took place through the Internet. While the complexity of the web is escalating, tools that enable individuals to navigate this complexity in personalised ways are also multiplying at length during choosing which tool for a community to utilise. Well, it depends on what sort of activity I or we are involved in and the ability of the tool that most likely suits our preferences to keep track of conversations. for instance, Instant messaging for backchannel communication that’s featured on facebook or blog discussions, using technology tools to overcome the abundant overflow of information and to have more control over the content for ease viewing by adding filter relevant content that facilitates the conversation inside an online community - e.g. twitter hashtags, tagging, RSS, search tools.

So, its possible to have more than one tool preference, but it would be wise to consider the issues it would raise onto selecting and aggregating the resources for the managing member of the community once its posted separately regardless of its tool selections, exhausting! for me, most of the time, just “Google” it :p since many (well, maybe some) are not aware of the tools’ features and what they are utilised for, this happened to me not for long until reading some enlightenment from a book* co-Authored by my chocoholic teacher Mrs. White.

Now I’m starting to become conscious of what I’m spreading on the web starting with using hashtags on twitter for ongoing discussions which makes it easier for others to take notice of the occurring info stream if they’re interested in following (or lurking, tweet stalkers!), also not to crowd-source my repository and try to manage to get them organised as tidy as my hair (it’s quite curly by the way :p) 

*(“Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities” -Etienne Wenger, Nancy White, John D. Smith)

can you imagine what would the community face look like without the contribution of the technology stewards as we know it nowadays?

communities are social entities, no matter how hi-tech they are, and the technology is the social medium. henceforth, to serve communities as a beginner tech steward could be (rhetorically) challenging. start off with knowing to learn how to be of service in communities navigating them through the puzzle of rapidly evolving society and increasingly sophisticated technology over time. to that extent, technology creates new spaces for togetherness. when such potential is present, comprehending the paths from technology to community is a key element of stewardship, I must learn to identify the social processes that technology brings through and to understand how to support these processes as a way to foster the emergence of meaningful communities <3

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Personal Preference

How much does your personal preference drive your tool choices?

A lot. After all if you don’t have personal preferences then you are no good then the guy in front of you. This is what defines you as tech steward. You need to have quite a lot personal ideas and express them. When needed you can take some ideas.

What if everyone else in your group had different preferences?

It’s normal for everyone to have different preferences because there are no two identical things in the universe. The problem arises with everybody speaking his mind and wanting to choose his idea. This will only happen in a team which is formed like a month ago. If the people in the team know each other for a long time or they have been working with the same team for a long time, everybody is going to listen to you and probably enhance your idea so that the others will see the full potential of it. Also you are more open to ideas from the others.

How would you proceed as you steward the technology? 

I am going to try my best so that people could understand me and see my point. If the people are not interested I’m not going to bother changing their mind.

Does looking at others’ preferences and perspectives change your view as a tech steward? Challenge you?

Of course it changes my preferences and perspectives. After listening to everyone in the team you simply start having some thoughts and if they are strong they are going to influence you and will change your view as tech steward. For challenging is a bit different. On some occasions they might make your life hard but I would not call it challenging.

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