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Week #4: Dat Tech Guy

Today’s world have this very fast growth speed of technology. Doesn’t matter which direction you will look at, games industry or software, you will see that new versions, fixes and updates of platforms which we use are reaching us more frequently than ever. And I will tell you a fact, not a secret, phase will keep rising up.

Me personally have some software I like, but that mostly depends on how much I’ve worked with it, so whenever there’s is a need of using a different one I don’t get frustrated too much. I just do it.

Of course if you’re working on the team there may be more strict choices made by people who don’t like changing their working environment so much. Well if there is a situation that with certain people a compromise just can’t be reached then at first I wouldn’t like to work with these kind a people. They may be left in management field, but in a design process it would be extremely painful for me to work with them. Although I could, because I am flexible. Anyway, I believe these kind a people rarely get to a creative process so I believe there’s always a room for a group agreement. If still a person has a ‘crush’ on his software of choice then a group just should assign a whole task to that man and hope that he gets it right. Of course feedback and corrections afterwards are a must.


I was a quite sometimes ‘dat tech guy’ in the group who held the responsibility to gather all the knowledge in digital so we could share it easier within and outside the group. Of course I have preferences like using ‘skype’ for a messenger, but people from different background use different messengers and sometimes skype is the rare one in the group so you got to adjust and find a sweet spot for the group communication. So you take a look for other preferences and even sometimes adjust your own as soon as you find something relevant for yourself. That’s innovation, but just in your tools for working with software. I always try to find better newer software, because some of it becomes outdated and then being overtaken by more advanced technology. In other words to say to be competitive you have to follow trends all the time. Doesn’t it apply for most of today’s competiveness in our world?

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Preferred tools

The tools I use are definitely derived from my personal preferences. For example there is a big reason why I choose to use a Windows PC instead of a MAC and to avoid arguments and discussions I will not give the reasons why I prefer to use a PC. This is the same concept as me preferring to use programs such as PowerPoint over Prezi. Everyone has different preferences and therefore they use different programs and this could potentially have larger problems when it comes to group work. However most programs are developed so that they could be opened by other programs and this usually overcomes any issues with preferences. 

Other peoples preferences don’t bother me that much. I tend to not care what other people use, it’s their choice and they have their own reasons for using the tools they use.

Working in a group I have realized that everyone has different preferences. Therefore we had to come to the conclusion that sooner or later we will need to share all our information with each other online somehow. We decided to use Facebook as the sharing platform because everyone in the group uses it. Facebook is also a very good sharing platform because it allows us to upload any kind of file and anyone in the group can see it.

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Switch platform again

This is  the 3rd/4th week i studyied in Den haag.

First of all ,i shoud say that i like IDE and my group very much.i used 3 different platforms when i worked  in gruop .But personally  prefer to like Facebook than Basecamp.

As a science and technology steward man, his crew would have a lot of different communication tools, such as Facebook , Basecamp and Skpye, etc. But how to more effective to complete this works .That’s depends on the personally ability.

1 If I am a steward man. First , I’ll know these different platform and  to understand their roles , because each different platform have different corresponding crowd. Such as Facebook,.When i work with my group on fist week, I know it’s just help us know more friends and  chat with our firends,  but when the teacher said that we will use Facebook as a comunication platform to do group work and discussion, I have a deeper understanding of it.

 2next, we will analyze these platform differences and common ground. Because when we are the designers, communicate is important way to solve problems . everyone will have a lot of different ideas and opinions,so choose a good communication platform will let us work efficient.

3  I  think there  have no  the best platform, it only have the best operator.In my opinion,i prefer to use Fcaebook ,beacause it;s more comfortable to use when i work in team. 

In the end,If everyone has different   preferences and perspectives , I will insist on my opinion. For example we  use basecamp now, but i dont know theplatform’ function at all, so most of the assignments we will  on Facebook operation. But if the steward the technology only choose their own  way of communication, it will  ignore other people’s opinions and ideas. Anyway,I will follow the opinions of the team,So how to  switching from Facebook to Basecamp as project management platform is a big challenge for me..

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A ?

Nowadays no one can imagine life without technology. It is everywhere. At home, work, school, university, shops and even in the yard. Before this growing technology century, people were smarter and not as lazy as now. They didn’t know anything about internet, mobile phones or washing machines. They did use candles to light up the house, books to search for information, letters to communicate and fireplaces to heat their food.

But what is going on now? People are very different. My grandparents always remind me of those ages, they say that it was easier to live then. But whyyy? They don’t need dishwasher or computer? They don’t want to grow with technology? Yeah, they know how to do everything without “smart” phones, not like us. We can’t live without internet, we need to have the newest technology, we don’t like to go to libraries to take some book – everything is on the internet. Why do we need to buy a book, if we can download it? Why we do need to wash our dishes by hands, if we can put them in a dishwasher? Why we need to follow these technologies?

The main answer to all those questions is that we are technology kids. We grew up with it; we can’t imagine our lives without it. We need to call our friends on phone, because we don’t like to write a letter – it is faster way to communicate. Everyone have a computer, we can use it for everything, for playing, searching for information, writing these blogs. But how it would be if we would have one day to be without any technology, like people, who lived before Christ?

I can imagine my day without it, it would be like: wake up in the morning, light up a candle, going to the river to wash myself. After, going home to put some clothes (I imagine some fur or leather piece which is like a dress), shoes, which look like leather bags and going to university. Going on feet – they didn’t have any tram then (ha ha). University would be like a big room with candles everywhere and few desks with chairs. Many students who are listening to teacher, writing everything on paper and reading books. Yeah, it would be impossible without a computer, because at our lectures we need to have computer to search for information, to take notes and to do our homeworks.. so my “day without technology” ends, because I can not imagine the evening without technology..

But in reality, if there would be no new technology for one day, even for one hour, it would be the third world war, I think, because people are addictive to it. Mostly everyone knows what is “apple” and “Microsoft”, “Samsung” and “nikon”, we are following the technology way, we are like those marionettes, which are addictive to their strings, we are addictive to technology.

I think, that we need technology, we need to be followers, but, also, we need to know how it was without it and how to use it responsibly.

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Tool For You

“How much does your personal preference drive your tool choices? What if everyone else in your group had different preferences? How would you proceed as you steward the technology? Does looking at others’ preferences and perspectives change your view as a tech steward? Challenge you?”

I must admit that I am not the most active person online. I’m a harvester at heart and mainly use the Internet for information. Therefore I’m also not a big user of a lot of tools. But I do have a few preferences. When searching for useful information for essays or simply out of personal interest I always turn to You can Google everything. I think Google has a nice and simple layout, while I think the competitors and are messier and not quite as user-friendly. also have some great extra features such as Google maps and Google translate. Especially the latter has come in great use since arriving in the Netherlands, because only one out of 100 Dutch homepages has an English alternative. I am an active Facebook user and use quite a few of their tools, such as chatting, private messaging, file sharing etc. Other practical homepages would be and because they have massive amounts of content.

When it comes to the actual computer I am now a Mac user. I have previously exclusively worked with PCs, but because of the design course here at The Hague University I decided to invest in a MacBook Pro when I had to get a new computer last year. From the get-go I found that it has some nice features and has a very user-friendly interface. So far I haven’t been able to use it to it’s fullest, because I have only just started using it for more than the random e-mail/Facebook check and news reading. I have had to buy the Microsoft programs (Word, Excel and Power Point) for my MacBook, because I found that the Apple programs weren’t quite as good as Microsofts products. I have recently started fiddling around with the programs Gimp and Scribus, which are open source versions of Photoshop and Indesign. I wish to improve my graphic skills, but until I find it necessary I won’t be investing in Adobe’s programs. I find programs a bit confusing, but I am slowly improving my skills by practicing with tutorials from

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How much does your personal preference drive your tool choices? What if everyone else in your group had different preferences? How would you proceed as you steward the technology? Does looking at others’ preferences and perspectives change your view as a tech steward? Challenge you?

My personal preferences of choosing tools to work online are based mostly on what i am familiar with. If i can work with something i know it’s much easier and faster. Otherwise i have to learn how the tool works itself before i can use it to do what i have to.

But in both cases, the thing, which is really important for me are language options of the tool. If i can change the language to Polish it’s much easier for me to work, because my brain automaticly understands and notices everything after one quick glance. In English i have to focus a bit more (read not just look at the words) and in any other language (except Spanish, which i understand more or less although i can’t speak or write in it) i have to translate almost everything to understand for example what should i click on to do what i want.

If everyone else in my group had different preferences, the best solution in my opinion would be to choose one tool which most of us is familiar with to save time, that otherwise we would have to spend on learning how to use it. For sure it should be in English.

But it could happen that we all had different preferences, because everyone is really experienced in use of only one tool and have no idea what the others are. Then we would have no other option than to learn one of them. We should show each other our propositions and briefly explain how they work, then decide collectively, which one we want to learn and afterwards – use. Good thing is that there will always be at least one person who knows how it works and can help the others.

If we had a lot of time (and technological knowledge) we could also create a completely new tool for our group’s use only.

There is a lot of possibilities. In every case the most suitable solution depends on kinds, types of character and skills of people, who are members of a group and the time they have to finish their work.

Looking at preferences and perspectives of others extends my view, inspires me to try something new. That’s always a challenge, but sometimes also great fun and finally it brings a lot of satisfaction.

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How much does your personal preference drive your tool choices? What if everyone else in your group had different preferences? How would you proceed as you steward the technology? Does looking at others’ preferences and perspectives change your view as a tech steward? Challenge you?

For my own preference, I tend to like those “old-fashion” tools, like face-to-face meeting, E-mail or discussion boards. I do not prefer synchronous interactions which using videoconference or teleconference. Sometimes, because of the bad connections which always make me cannot focus on the topic anymore. I think some text things are really important, like the meeting note we used in the PC class which is clear and time-saving. Also, as English is my second language, text things can help me work more fluent. Of course, my personal preference is also depend on what project we do and what suit the whole group best.


Normally, there must have different preference about choosing tools between members. I think this problem is easy to cope with. For instance, we can use more than one tool. Still, like the ways we used with Nancy, skype, meeting notes and blog posting etc. So, everyone can use the way they like while experience others’ preferences.


To proceed being a technology steward, first of all is accumulate experience through group working. Learning other members’ preferences and exploring new things.  Finally, being aware of the needs and trying to address the needs.


Obviously, there are a wide range tools for people to choose. Everyone has their own preferences and I think others’ preferences definitely have influences on me. Because, I don’t know that much online tools, from others’ choices I can notice more practical tools, then if I find out some tools suit me, I will change my preference.

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Tools of the trade

First of I feel I am getting better at this blogging thing, if there is such a thing as getting better at blogging.

This one sentence already explains a lot about my behaviour towards tools and selecting them. I never expected to blogging, ever! Well that sort of changed over the course of the last 2 weeks. To me blogging wasn’t a tool I felt I neither needed nor wanted. But since the start of this course the need was suddenly there so the barrier was taken away, in this case the tool was chosen for me, but with the option of linking from another blogging site.

Since I knew nothing I relied on what given as the best tool and started using it, and whilst using this tool I haven’t run into any problems inconveniences or barriers that keep me from using this tool for my needs. But if I feel my needs exceed the possibilities of a certain tool, I’ll search for another tool.

This goes for any of the tools I use, for example youtube, I used to use it a lot but at a certain point I found out that if I want to listen my favourite type of music youtube just didn’t suit me. I really dislike making play-lists and I hate breaks in between songs. So I turned to Soundcloud where up and coming DJ’s post their entire sets which I can listen without brakes. I still use youtube but my needs diversified so my tools had to aswell.

So yes I select my tools according to my preferences, nonetheless if someone recommends another tool to me I’ll never be shy to try it, since having loads of possibilities to solve a certain problem is always better than having to stick to one or two solutions which limit the outcome.

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My point of view

How much does your personal preference drive your tool choices? What if everyone else in your group had different preferences? How would you proceed as you steward the technology? Does looking at others’ preferences and perspectives change your view as a tech steward? Challenge you?

When I am choosing what technology tools to use, I always refer to my personal preferences, rather than others‘ suggestions, advertisements, etc. For me, the tool‘s ability to do the functions I need and the user friendlyness are equally important. If a platform/tool doesn’t fully meet both of them, I keep looking. And now, when i have needs to use online tools like never before, they will keep popping-up. For example, I have never used Google Docs before, but now that our team felt the need to find one platform to make and edit documents collectively, we started to use this simple tool.

The tools, which help you to keep in touch with other people in one way or another, are useful as long as plenty of people use them. I mean, no matter how helpful and well adapted to it‘s primary function the tool is, it will not help me, if my friends or teams are using another tool instead. The diversity of different tools within team members is not as effective as it would be of using one or few common tools for the task.

When it comes to choosing the tools for goup work, I give the priority to others‘ opinion on what are the best tools for certain tasks from their point of view. Since I am not so much of a tech steward, I give my opinion about the tools we should use, but I don’t try to persuade the people i work with, because usually at least one of them has had the experience of using a certain tool for the task we need. Trying out new tools is always good though. But a team has to find a way to test them and to avoid the diversity at the same time. For example, for each week‘s assignment give a try to a new tool, and after some time, choose the one who suited your needs best.

Watching other people using different tools makes me think of them as an alternative to what i‘m using now, though usually doesn‘t change my current preference. Searching for new tools, exploring new internet platforms, trying out new features just for fun? That‘s not me. They are growing so fast, that you simply cannot keep up with all of them. Internet tools are just tools for me, not a hobby. 


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How much does your personal preference drive your tool choices? What if everyone else in your group had different preferences? How would you proceed as you steward the technology? Does looking at others’ preferences and perspectives change your view as a tech steward? Challenge you?

I think both my personal and people’s preferences are having a big influence on my tools fo choice. I don’t have a big online experience at all and I still don’t know most of the tools I can possibly use but I’m looking forward to get to know some of them step-by-step. I think I have lots to learn for different kinds of tools and other people’s preferences over them. I don’t think that other people can influence my preference on using the tools I like but surely I would like to know what people prefer to use in general and I would definitely change my view so I can take advantage of that. A chalenge for me then would be to research on the most used tools, studying them and starting to use them. I think that in the industrial design field using the most popular tools is one of the most important things. As future designers we need to gain popularity and we need to spread our ideas amongst people around the world. If we use a tool nobody else does, in my opinion, this cannot really happen.

Lets take Facebook for example…officially now a billion people are actively using Facebook. This site is a very useful platform with a wide range of people who are “hungry” for new information. They are mainly the barrier a person with certain views or ideas must first cross. This is a platform where if, for instance, a good design idea goes in it surely would end up being made a reality or end up in the trash. People from all the social networks can be our “judges” as designers because they are actually a big part of the people who will be using our future products. Facebook is not the platform I like the most but as long as the most people use it I’m going to use it as well. I like Google+ better but this platform hasn’t gained as much popularity as Facebook among the online community yet so I wouldn’t prefer to post something only on G+ I would post it in Facebook as well.

I’m now starting to use more and more tools and I can really see the change. I feel more connected to this big online community now and I really think this is going to help me a lot in the future. I’m sure I can get my work and visions more popular when I share them with different people in different sites and online platforms.

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