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Group dynamics and what not

As Vasilis already said in his blog and I Quote:

“I have no idea what i’m doing”

Well goes just the same for me, rolled in late in the middle of week 3 having absolutely no clue as to what or where or how to do anything. Luckily our group was great at picking up where they left of and getting us up to speed with what they did so far.

Still I found it hard to grasp the main idea of the project, but since then some time has past and I read trough the entire project community site, and I feel I am getting the hang of it.

On top of that I feel our group will do great, since we are working together quite fluently, although there’s always room for improvement.

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Exploring weaknesses in a group and personal setting

I feel that our group, East Field 72, works best either before our class/coaching section or directly after a break where we have all had something to eat. Most of the time though, someone has to take charge to make sure that our group work and team activity’s get done. Though it sounds hectic we do end up finishing the group. Same thing cannot be said about my personal blog and my Tumblr experience. MY inability to to post concise and on time material. I can sit here and discuss excuses as to why this is happening, but I wont. This is a problem I have addressed and will be solving.

Some small ideas i have that could possibly help my group and myself are: 

Meeting up either before or a different day then class.

This could really help take away some stress that our team is currently feeling and help create better and bigger ideas.

For myself I need to take the time and just frankly put in much more effort as to not let down my group as a whole. 

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Less is more

If we are talking about communities and their sizes, we can easily correlate this question with the group we are working on the target to investigate customer communities.
Our six-member  group is working quite optimal from the perspective of group size. The tasks can be divided with ease, the meetings are going with not too much noise, everybody can have enough attention and their own input to the teamwork.

But there are also sometimes complications in understanding eachother. This seems to be caused by the diversity of cultures or the slight language barrier that we have around our whole class. In a way it is complicated to explane some things many timnes and not understanding others but in other hand this diversity enriches our group with good spirit and different viewpoints. In the end, despite the complications it is well worth the good we gain through the diversity.

From my point of view it wold be worth trying to split the group in to smaller groups of three (or two, if it seems to be more convenient . In my experience, quick and concrete questions/problems can be answered more efficiently by smaller groups of people, but the questions that need some deeper investigation, different perspectives or need more creative answers are more efficiently served by a larger group of people.

I also studied about group size from the perspective of social psychology and it goes very deep into how and why people are (re)acting in different situations. It cannot be directly applied to online communities, because the people feel more anonymous but I think there are some good points which correlate with offline communities. Also find this interesting conclusive article:

Productivity in Groups

Research shows that productivity tends to decline when a group of people are working on a task together. This happens for two reasons: insufficient coordination and social loafing.

Insufficient Coordination

When many people work on a task, their efforts may not be sufficiently coordinated. Several people may end up doing the same portion of the task, and some portions of the task may be neglected.

Social Loafing

Social loafing, which contributes to declines in the productivity of a group, is the reduced effort people invest in a task when they are working with other people. Diffusion of responsibility contributes to social loafing. A person does not feel as responsible for working on a task if several others are also present, since responsibility is distributed among all those present.

Social loafing is particularly likely to happen in the following circumstances:

  • When the group is large
  • When it is difficult to evaluate individual contributions to a task
  • When people expect their coworkers to pick up the slack

Social Facilitation

In some circumstances, individuals perform better when other people are present. This phenomenon is called social facilitation. Social facilitation is more likely to occur on easy tasks. On difficult tasks, people are likely to perform worse in the presence of others.

Group Decision-Making

Members of a group are often required to make decisions together. Three concepts related to group decision-making are groupthink, group polarization, and minority influence.


Groupthink is the tendency for a close-knit group to emphasize consensus at the expense of critical thinking and rational decision-making. In a groupthink situation, group members squash dissent, exert pressure to conform, suppress information from outside the group, and focus selectively on information that agrees with the group’s point of view.

Groupthink is more likely to occur when groups have certain characteristics:

  • High cohesiveness. Group cohesiveness is the strength of the liking and commitment group members have toward each other and to the group.
  • Isolation from outside influences
  • A strong leader
  • The intent to reach a major decision

Group Polarization

The dominant point of view in a group often tends to be strengthened to a more extreme position after a group discussion, a phenomenon called group polarization. When a group starts out with a dominant view that is relatively risky, the group is likely to come to a consensus that is even riskier. This phenomenon is called risky shift .

Minority Influence

A committed minority viewpoint can change the majority opinion in a group. Group members are more likely to be influenced by a minority opinion when the minority holds the opinion firmly.


When people are in a large group that makes them feel aroused and anonymous, they may experience deindividuation. When people become deindividuated, they lose their inhibitions and their sense of responsibility and are not self-conscious about their behavior. Deindividuation is a major reason for the violence that sometimes happens in mobs.


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My Team Experience

I personally love working in groups, I find it so much more fun to be able to talk to someone else about the same project. I always feel that a group project can be much more powerful than a one-man project mainly because of the reason that if someone is stuck, anyone in the team can help them. This gives much more integrity to a project because everyone can secure the amount of work done.

However working in a group can sometimes be very challenging. Team work requires a lot of communication and trust. When working in a team you have to make sure you can count on all your team mates to pull through. This can be frustrating at times when you come together at a meeting and someone has nothing to bring to the table.

In my group I haven’t really had any team work problems, everyone knows as much as the other and they know what to do to pull their weight. The only major problem was that we started off with only 4 group members (including me) at the beginning of the project. This was a problem because we had to fill all the roles of a full group with just 4 of us (these were the roles assigned from the Belbin test). Later (within this week) we gained 2 additional members! We were thrilled. I immediately told them to do the Belbin test, and to our luck, we got 2 people who were good at completely different things to us. I was quite happy about this because we having troubles filling the roles they were good at.

Now that we have a full group we have all been coming together multiple times for meetings concerning the project we need to continue with. Everyone is very happy and enthusiastic to contribute towards the notes that we take. However the only problem I find is that I am usually the one that always has to record all the notes while everyone is talking. In the future I would prefer other members of the group (preferably ones with laptops) to start helping me take notes during team discussions.

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You are in week three of your group work. What is working well for you in your group? What is challenging you? What is one thing you might do differently in the coming weeks to improve your experience and the group’s work?

Since we started these classes we had lots of progress with our group. We first had to get to know each other better in order to strengthen our team. We managed to do a great job together but we had to divide in smaller working groups for the second week. I think this helped us a lot in a way that we actually could work more efficiently and faster. We managed to do more work for the same amount of time as the first week. As a group we’ve created a very strong team and we help each other a lot with all of the assignments. I think that I would suggest working more time as a team after classes. This will definitely make our group work even better and faster. I think this is very important in order to succeed in any aspect.

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Inside East Field 72   Three weeks in to the project and the…

Inside East Field 72


Three weeks in to the project and the structural foundations of East Field have withstood a couple of ‘cultural quakes’ and absences, but apart from these two things the team has gelled together. We have had productive and interesting conversations and discussions both socially and while working. For the most part there is a great team spirit and we enjoy each other’s company.


However in the coming weeks I strongly believe that a member of the group is going to have to put a real effort in overcoming their cultural beliefs in the role of women in addition to become a little more tolerant of ideas that may not be their idea. I would also like to see another member of the group make more of an effort to attend more meetings and discussions or input more heavily when he/she is able to attend, I understand juggling multiply courses and curriculums is challenging but if you cannot contribute fully to both courses then it is not fair to just “tag along”. The rest of the group has been making a real effort to involve the other group members in the project and to their credit the other two members did fulfill their task when we set it last week.


To conclude on the whole the group has a good foundation and could easily become a brilliant team. We have six members from six different nations, creating strong alternate opinions which could be a huge asset. We now simply need to work on treating each other’s opinions with equal respect and ensuring all of us input constructively.

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Team-work and me

I haven’t work much in a group before i started to study IDE, so it’s something new for me. In high school if i had some project to do it was usually my own responsibility to have it done step by step from research through conclusions to final presentation.

Because of that one of the things, which challenge me now is that in a group i have to ‘think loud’ and listen to loud thoughts of the others, which sometimes are completely opposite to mine and meet everybody half way - come to one final group way of further thinking about a project and working on it.
From the other side, good thing about that loud thinking together is that everybody has his own unic perspective of seeing the problems and comes to unic ideas, solutions, which sometimes suits everybody perfectly. The rest of the group could never figure them out, because everyone focuses on his own, unic point of view and can’t see that what someone else can.

When it happens – somebody shows me new, fresh way of thinking and i enjoy it – it gives me a lot of energy, ideas and will to work.

The other thing that challenges me is working online. As i wrote in the last post i don’t have too much experience in working, discussing or just staying in touch through the Internet. And fact that the connection in my room is really bad doesn’t help. But it will change soon i hope.

The thing that i’m really happy about is that we started to work in groups at the begining of the year, because it’s helping to get to know each other better and faster than usually.

What can i do to improve my experience and group’s work in the coming weeks? I think that it would be really helpful if i spent more time online and i could also read a bit more to get to know all aspects of our research problems better.

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Well, here we are in week 3 of school group work.

It’s going fine, from my opinion. That said on a few words. I like our groups, people are fun to work with and just fun to hang around with. We’ve found some things that we have in common and spent some time together. The atmosphere in which we work is great, we could be a bit more enthusiastic about it, but anyway.

We did not find any challenges up till now that we couldn’t pass and i hope it will stay that way.

If i would do one thing to try and make everything better, i would try to schedule a couple of extra-school meetings, where we can work but also enjoy ourselves, so people can become more comfortable with each other. Which in my opinion, increases productivity and efficiency.

It’s been great working with you guys so far, hope it will stay the same!

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Week 3 – reflecting on group work

Working in groups can be challenging at the best of times. Team work means communicating, working together, sharing out work and ensuring all work is done. You are dependent on group members to get work done which can be very frustrating if it doesn’t all go as you want it to.

When told we were going to work in random groups, I was afraid that the group work would be as challenging as previously stated.

In all honesty, our group is getting the work done as necessary and on time. However, at times it feels like work is not quite equally shared and some people aren’t doing as much of the group work. Additionally, some seem to have their mind otherwise when we are trying to work together. Currently we seem to have a bit of trouble coordinating work at times and shaping the work into a useful document.

In the coming weeks I believe we should try to become more of a team. We need to work together better, with everyone working usefully for group benefit. Although we have ‘roles’ from the Belbin test, I do not believe that these clearly represent what people need to be doing. Leaders, shapers, coordinators, visualisers, resource investigators and team workers all need to do work together.

What seems to have worked in some of the other groups is that they have named their group as well. These groups seem to have a lot more team spirit. Whether this why they have a name or if the name helps team spirit, it may be good to increase team motivation and team spirit. If we know each other better, we may be able to work better together.

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Working in groups-New challenge for me

  • This is my third weeks of study. In the three weeks,  I learned a lot of things in my group that how to communicate with my team and they taught me many reserch skills .Otherwise  it still  diffcult to communitcate with each other in my group.but as Busra said,we are getting much more used to our roles now.
  • On the other hand, communication is the most challenge for me. Because we were come from different countries and have different culture. In the two weeks ago, when we need to work together, every time is leader release task to me, but  only thing ththat i can do it’s thfinish it on time  and post on Facebook.i know it can’ t be a powerful team. Although I have lots of ideas and Suggestions, but because of my English speaking is not very good enough, so communication is the biggest challenge for me.But next time  I will become  a good teamworker for my team. I believe I can overcome this difficulty.
  • In China, if you have a problem, we like to solve it by ourself, we are not accustomed to discuss or communication with other people, we prefer to research and exploration in internet. So in the future study, I’ll try to better fit into our group and with  my group to investigate the problems. Then continue to improve my English learn more communication skills.i think we can working on as a team.
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