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What is facilitation ?

The first question adressed to myself after I heard this weeks topic was :

 What is that facilitation ?


The definition of the word fa·cil·i·ta·tion might be :


a. The act of making easy or easier.( Help ,Aid )




b. The state of being made easy or easier.(Condition, Status )


So recording to the section “a” it would be about the help that you give to somenone else and the section “b” might be interpreted as ,because of  the help that you get from others , you might to appear in a state where something was made easier for you.

So it’s all about collaboration and willingnesss to help.


At first what’s essential in productive collaboration is listening and hearing.

 In that case the meaningful role might go to online communication, cause everyones’ thoughts might be “heard”, which not always happen during the offline conversations (someone is afraid to speak, because of the “broken” english , and/or of the fact that their ideas might be judged ,and/or of the fact that they might shushed, and/or lack of confidence /knowledge), but ones you type your thought in online conversation it stays there and everyone is able to read it.Yes , I know , sometimes one’s thoughts might be misunderstood because of the inability to frame the words with body language and a solution for this problem would be asking twice to make sure you got the idea correctly. Our blog posts is just a  perfect way to listen to everyone and be lsitened. On it you can combine the both definitions of facilitation .The need of help and wish to help . You, teachers ,team members, students  by commenting each others post , sharing ideas , dissapointments , expectations , confusions, joys , wishes create a platform of facilitation . Where eveyone by his impact makes work smoothier . Easier.


p.s. and the TIME passing by makes facilitation easier : the TIME you spend with your team-members (teachers/mentors, other course-mates) solving ,analysing problems and making jokes of it when feeling totally roofless after a hard day …  


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Week 5

I feel like at the moment there are many levels of facilitation going on. You have the online facilitations over google hangout, you have the facilitations offline within your team and the facilitation done by the teachers of our course. 

I feel like all the facilitators are learning from the people they are facilitating and The other way around. We are all sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences on many different situations. That is how we all learn from each other. 

I think that facilitation, learning and teamwork is part of everything we are doing at the moment with the projects. Every Time you meet, be it offline or online you need a facilitator, we all learn from each other and gain new knowledge when researching something, this knowledge is then shared again with fellow team members. Right now teams are providing the basis for facilitation and learning. 

I would like to see more things being organised using online platforms by us students out of initiative. 

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Personal Blog Reflection: Week 5

I believe both my instructors and my peers play a huge role in facilitating my learning at the university. I have actually been amazed in the ways the instructors have created learning opportunities within the project communities class. Learning in this class has been facilitated through organization of online interactions consisting of google hangouts, skype, and facebook, and by using these tools in action learning experiments. I think the important thing the instructors are doing here, is allowing us as students to have the freedom to explore and discover the web on our own terms, within our groups. Because we can do this in groups during class time, it has facilitated learning to work in teams, and how teams can work independently towards a goal. This has definitely opened my eyes in the ways that different platforms can be used as well. One of the things I find very awesome, is that one of our instructors is living in the United States! Yet she facilitates our learning by logging onto skype every week and talking with us, as well as communicating with us in various other ways. This can be by posting in the facebook group, or sending us links, or any other method of online communication! Through doing this, we have access to an individual who can share a huge amount of her knowledge with us, and we do not even have to be in the same country! That is true facilitation of learning. 

As far as learning from my peers, they can be just as useful in facilitation of learning. I find this to be especially true via the facebook group. A lot of students tend to post interesting links and share their findings from the web on the facebook group, and this allows our entire class to have access to new knowledge and information. Furthermore, I know all my peers have different online preferences and knowledge about online tools/communities, and this has also been very useful. I am learning to use new tools that I have never used before from my peers, which I probably would never have used if they had not shown me how that tool works. 

It is hard to actually name some things that I would like to see and experience in the facilitation of this course, simply because I think the facilitation has been so fantastic so far. If I were to say anything, it would maybe be to have more facilitation that isn’t so self directed. When I say this I mean that a lot of the facilitation from instructors simply allows us to personally discover and learn, and although useful at times, it can also lead to a lot of confusion about the task at hand. So in this sense, I think that students may also benefit from more one on one facilitation from instructors, opposed to facilitation within the group. For example the other day our group had a google hangout session with Nancy, she did a great job at facilitating our learning by giving us clear instructions and feedback, and it didn’t hurt to get a more personal connection with her either :-) So I think some more of that would be GREAT! As for my peers, I would just say better communication at times between groups, and between group members, though Facebook is a useful tool at times, it can also be distracting and unclear, and sometimes not everyone is sure of what they need to do! 

What I can contribute as a peer facilitator in my opinion, is making sure to always ask questions, be involved, post frequently, and help spread any knowledge I have that is useful to other people in the course.

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