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Blog Prompt Numero Uno

I take a deep breath. And jump. It’s always scary to jump in those areas of the new waters. Where you have no knowledge of how deep and warm water is. But almost always we turn out just ok, as soon as we take a first step to it. We adjust to water temperature, we check the depth of the water. 

water jump

But not always it is good idea to jump into the water just like that. What were you thinking, you could had break your neck! So safety. Safety goes, comes, turns around, walks, dance, as you wish, but it is numero uno when talking about exploring unknown waters. So first of all if we’re completely new with the social networks, we go and register there, explore their technical capabilities and their abilities to help us. Of course they are huge tool for connecting people, companies. Now it divides them into fanpages or fans, groups and group members. So at simple as it looks it may be a little bit deeper than you thought. I am not even talking about privacy settings, which is total mess for casual user. So for now few technical points which we got to know before starting: What is the possibilities for profile? Differences? (Human profile, Fanpage, Page, etc.)How to get more likes?How to get interesting promotions?How to post interesting smiles? These were questions which I discussed with my fellow roommate, as I am not so popular on social networks and no one replied to my posts. Natural new point which prompted for me was: How do I make my post attractive for others? What attracts people to participate? I think this question is very hard to answer, but must be one of the main questions when you’re targeting people from your social networks. Another interesting question catch my mind when I figured out that starting new marketing campaign on facebook. How do you get you first loyal followers? I excluded word ‘loyal’ because catching those really interested new trend followers is a must for a good start. At first we don’t really need just a simple users who will be just a statistic on our report page. We need people who are really interested in our offered product or service. Those people will recommend it for others, if they will like it. So 100% focus on people who can help spreading your network. 

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