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It’s a team effort, individually as well

Since I started IDE many things have happend, I learned a great deal. Not only about the course subjects but also about group dynamics, preferences and compromise.

I felt that since I joined the course somewhat later, I couldn’t do anything. My group certainly helped me out of that feeling quickly and I’m glad that they did. We evaluated each others characteristics and used them as best we could.

Returning to what I learned, compromise is not always a bad thing, as long as you don’t lose the essence of what you’re trying to achieve, it a great way to combine different points of you into a singular action (eg answering questions and creating reports)

But compromise can be a bad thing very much so as well, I dislike the fact that we have to compromise because of technology such as google hangouts, at the moment you start trying to solve issue’s technology is creating you’re not solving the problems you tried to solve in the first place, or it severely limits your time to do it. As a result the found solutions are not as optimal as they could have been and most likely stick to being drafts, which is a shame.

Finally writing this makes me wonder about adjusting to technology or other hurdles which might hold up the process of problem solving. I feel as though every hurdle needs a certain adjustment time in order to get all the nooks and crannies out. These hurdles might reoccur depending on how well the group is adjusted to it.

You might like to compare it to domino’s whenever you add another stone in between the last one is less likely to drop. Only when every stone is perfectly placed the entire chain of communication will run smoothly, but if you try to hasten it the next time you might slack at placing one stone and although it worked the last time it might not work the second time. This goes on until you have enough experience to tell if every stone is placed right. 

Which ends this analogy and brings me back to teamwork, if everyone takes responsibility for only one part they are less likely to make a small mistake and the chain will probably run smoother. 

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The Master Key

Working on teams…you might think that this is something easy, but it is the opposite! It is something really challenging, that everyone needs to confront at least once in his or her life. In these past weeks I have been experienced and worked with my group work for the communities class. At the beginning it was hard to communicate with each other, because the assignments was not very clear, but now we are having more communication, and things are getting better.

The most challenging thing about teamwork is the communication and the division of roles. Thanks to the “Belbin test” we were able to divide the group in the most logical way, over time we realized that the roles might change, and this may depend on the job or team size.

Another point that might be challenging is that sometimes there are one or several team members that put a lot of pressure to the rest of the group, but the solution for this is also the communication.

Not everything is bad about teamwork, there are a lot of advantages: The people work with less stress, because they share the hard and difficult job, they have more points of view to find the solution, but the most important thing is that in the results there is more quality and quantity.

On the next weeks I am going to try to communicate more with the rest of the team, because communication is the key for a successful teamwork!

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