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номер два – Research Framework

In this moment of such a rapid technology we have a huge opportunities of creating innovative communities. Facebook is not a new way of community or anything like that. It’s just trendy up to date way of communicating which poped up just in time to  offer people the gap which those days networks (myspace, etc.) missed. It involved short messaging and at that time, better privacy settings (this matter is very much discussed atm., but lets leave it for later).

There are in my opinion way many more interesting networks like where people are taking internet connection into real life. Livemocha offers language learning, but it’s special side that you have that community of world wide where people are ready to help you with your struggling learning language. That you could do from home. Although facebook is very well build, integrated with apps and up to date.

Now it’s working corporation. And that what some people scares.

There are many other ways how to reach your community. Not talking about other social networks like twitter and so on, interesting detail that myspace had made it’s comeback. Now with clear face of music social network.

So one thing we may learn from myspace as they did now. You must identify your communities interest. The one main link which connects people. That i think what answers my second question. How you communicate and where it does not really matter, what matter is that you would have really good face of community.

Then you have your fundamentals and can apply innovation, even to your facebook page. Start creating apps, connect your network spread from ebay to wordpress blogging if you need, but with a clear face a network has no limits.

These days we have such a big network. It seems there is no borders, so in order to connect people, we have to build the clear Framework which they may feel and see. The people will join if it’s honest and visible. 

Thank you thank you.

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