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First day with Nancy White

Today was my first “Projects community” class, and to be honest, I have never experienced a class like this. And I like it.

Next to the fact that I like, but have to get used to, the style in which the class is given, it is a whole new experience, and that is something I strive for. To get as many experiences as possible, in the end all that you go through and experience is part of who you are and slowly build you as a person.

One of the aspects I really like about this class is that we are using the technology which has been developed over the past few years in an educative setting. And I feel like it is important to do so, you have to develop along with the world, go with the flow, it is not always easy, and you do not always know what you are doing, but you will (should) learn from it. And I feel like doing this using education opens the door for someone to do so in their own lives without really feeling obligated to do so, but just curious as to where it will lead them.

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