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Designing online communities

After these weeks working with the online communities, I can say the design and the structure on the online communities are really importante. Now a days is really easy to find a lot of online communities and platforms, but from my point of view they are never completely useful, because most of the cases they focus just in one thing ( for example twitter is just for sharing ideas and pictures, or skype is just for video chats) so I learnt that it is better if you design an online community that includes everything that a online person could want.

On the first place, to design an online community, you need to ask your target group what they want and what they need. A really good community would be a place that reaches several target groups with different interests, like Facebook, that reaches any topic that you can imagine. The only problem with facebook is that you can get lost with all the extra information. That is why my online community would be reaching a lot of topics, but it would be well divided.

For me another important part that you need to think about when you design an online community, is to decide how the users are going to communicate with each other. This is an important point, because you need to pay attention on how the users are going to get feedback and information about the pictures, articles, videos or documents that they are posting

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