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Online communities: chance to rethink it over and over again implementing it and then putting it to practice.

If I had an idea, I would have probably joined online communities. The type of online communities I would join would depend on the context of design challenge itself. These can include your purpose and goals, so whether you want to reach out to the world. However, also includes your lacks, problems and orientations, in which the specific online community could help you. Some online communities for example concentrate on how to market and finance, while the others are concentrating how to find enthusiastic people. So it really depends on either your lacks, or your purpose.

The reason why I would want to join an online community is because it makes work easier and faster. Even though group work has its disadvantages, I think it definitely expands your learning through collaboration. The process whilst ‘getting there’ is the biggest learning experiences such online communities provide.  Besides that working in/with such online groups will stimulate action, process, and your motivation.

I would join work team, as they play a big role in gathering the people to collaborate online. This was my group, and I very much enjoyed researching different platforms and tools platforms offered, to guide our client. By working together with an online community, your design challenge gets much more realistic and specific making the project easier for you.

In all, I would have worked with an online community as you get to experience yourself how processes are done through online. In a world where technology is improving rapidly, you perhaps need to work with an online community or know about them.

“Making ideas happen isn’t easy and requires patience, determination and hard work. The most important part of it is not just coming up with a promising concept, but rather rethinking it over and over again, implementing it and then putting it to practice” Robert Hartland



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Online communities for a design challenge?

If I had a design challenge of course I would join and participate in an online community, for example I would use Facebook, because that is the main online community that I have been working with. From my point of view Facebook is the most important online community, because a lot of people in the world use it, and you can find any kind of person, from almost any age, with different interests and different points of view.

For my design challenge, first I would find my target group, and after that, I would upload pictures or videos about my ideas so I can get feedback from the people interested on my design. Also I would put tests and questions so I can know everyone’s opinions and preferences. After seeing the results is going to be easier for me to be done with my design because I am going to know exactly what my target group wants.

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Now a days, we have many choices for online communities, and attached to them we have a lot of tools, so it is really hard to get to know all of them, everyone uses at least one or two online communities, but one or two is not enough to know about all the tools and different ways to communicate. For example in my case I only use Facebook (that includes direct messages, wall posts, sharing pictures, groups, events, applications, etc.) or Twitter ( that has hashtags, private messages, followers, twits, etc). But what about kickstarter or google +? or the rest of the online communities? 

For my own experience, I chose those options because, my preferences are to get close and be connected to all the people around me, and they are always using facebook and twitter, more than other online communities, so I am always posting comments or pictures in facebook, and for twitter, I am always tagging friends and putting hashtags that I am interested with. But if I had the necessity of using other tools in other online communities, I would learn them. Even though I am not good with technology, I don’t consider myself a technology steward, because I am really new at it and it is really hard for me to understand them.

If you are working on a team, there might be people with other preferences, in consequence you need to have communication and to be open for other options, so you can find a balance between all the group members with one of the many tools that you have. An important point of this is that you can learn a lot from others experiences and preferences, because they might use different tools, so they can help you to be a technology steward. 

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