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So far I have been pleased with this program and feel that the class and I has already made some progress. This progress has been possible because of the resources and knowledge that our teachers have shared with us. Every week we have had the opportunity to explore the web on our own, we have made new discoveries about how online communities work and how to best communicate with others. All with the assistance of our teachers. The most unusual feature of this class is also the fact that one of our teachers is sitting halfway around the world and goes online every week to connect with us and guide us in our project. She has also given us some new online experiences by pushing us into trying new online sites and communication tools.

The main issue I have had until now has been the vague assignments in this project. We have been allowed to go exploring online on our own, but this has caused us to not get a real sense of the purpose of the project. When we tried to ask specific questions about the end result of our assignments, we have been met with answer that didn’t make the project any clearer and mainly left us more confused and in the dark than before. It wasn’t until this week, when we had our group meeting with Nancy White on Google Hangout, that the purpose was finally made clear for us. Nancy was able to give us concrete answer about what we are supposed to get out of this course. Because of this helpful meeting we are now more aware of what we need to do.

Because this epiphany about our purpose came so late in this course, we now need to make sure that we stay on track with our project, so that we don’t fall behind. In my group we have a tendency to get extremely of topic and loose track of the assignment in front of us. I will therefore have to be a bit more strict when it comes to our teamwork, simply because we have to get a bit more focused and concentrate on creating results.

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My network workings

I use several different online platforms and with each platform there are different levels of interactions. Tumblr, and my other blogging platforms are used by me in a very pseudo anonymous way. I interact with a lot of people try to have conversations with them but I never let go of crucial information that can lead to my identification. This is just a safety net for me, and it is not one I will drop any time soon. As a blogger I do not tap into many people’s networks, but when I do I like to poke around a bit, get to know everyone and gain more knowledge. So I guess I act as an individual on these platforms. 

Other platforms like Facebook are used very differently, but safely. I know all the people in my friends list, and I do not accept requests from people I do not recognise. This way I know that I can openly interact with the people in my network without having to worry much about the information that is let free. 

The tapping into networks when it comes to facebook is mostly done offline, and then later continued and expanded online over facebook. This way you have a chance to continue talking to people that you have only met once or twice but share a lot of interests with. Facebook has also connected me to many defined groups, most of these are project groups, or little event groups. 

However much I might be using these platforms at the moment I am not even close to reaching their full potential yet. But I am slowly getting there by expanding my networks, exploring more opportunities in life and just seeing where  different choices can get me. I am not going into too much detail about this yet because I am still busy exploring this and I do not have any real conclusions on this yet. 

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Week one, what do we really need to learn?

What do we need and want to learn as we explore the application of online communities and networks to open innovation design?

I have been discussing this with quite a few friends of mine both on and offline. Most of the people I know and spoke to said that they use their online networks to connect with other people in a social context, which was not an answer that took me by surprise, but when I started to ask them about the issues involved with this there was one consistent answer, the lack of emotion when communicating with others. 

Words typed out on the computer will never be the same as a face talking to you, with intonation, and expressions, and laughter and maybe even tears. One of my friends said that “there is a bigger space of interpretation while reading something someone writes to you, instead of actually talking to that person face to face” (yes I do realize that this is services Skype and other face to face video call services have a better way of dealing with this issue). And this is very hard to get around; things like sarcasm, little remarks even constructive criticism can be read and interpreted in a very different way resulting in people being offended or sometimes just puzzled. When you talk to someone you can see their face and hear their tone of voice and use body language as a tool to decipher what the person is trying to tell you, these tools are often not available while communicating online. 

Someone pointed out to me the use and sometimes abuse of emoticons and acronyms like “lol”. They can help transfer an emotion, and generally they do this quite well. “You suck!” is very different than “You suck :P.” However some people use these tools as an excuse to say something rude and then ‘soften the blow’ by adding “lol.”

To stop myself from going off topic and into a rant about my thoughts I want to conclude with the following questions, and answers to the first question:

1) We need to learn how to accurately use words, or any other tool, to bring across what we want to say. Apart from emoticons, how can we achieve this?*

2) We need to learn to place ourselves at the receiving end and consider if what you typed may be offensive before pressing that ‘send’ button.

3) What do you do to ensure that your message is received accurately?

*Could we use these to mimic human body language and emotions?

Keep in mind this is just one of the many different aspects related to the above question, I really think that someone could write a whole book on just that question. 

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