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Me and my networks

Internet is one of the quickest ways to gather information, so I use it. But luckily Internet and it’s interactions don’t stop there it would be a damn shame. Networks are easily created and maintained via internet, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I interact with each of them every day or even week.

Most of the maintaining I do involves checking up on what other have been doing lately and what events are coming up, I rarely post on facebook, though I do chat regularly. I think I use facebook this way since I feel it doesn’t need my shout-outs to keep rolling and do what it does best connecting people. I prefer a clutter-less facebook, just let the things know that are important to you and not every fart or burp.

Because of this I am also active in a few other networks such as forums in which your own input is required to feel part of the interaction. This is a place where initiatives feel less like a hype, as they might feel on places like facebook. And since the users don’t really know each other there are no barriers for constructive criticism.

So you could say I have a split internet personality but I feel great being an internet schizo since it gives me the opportunity to show more of myself that I would be able to on one network.

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The Heaven and Hell of Communities and Networks – a short…

The Heaven and Hell of Communities and Networks - a short overview of  a talk I did at KM Sinagpore last week which has relevance to a question asked today in class. The slide deck is here:

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