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Week #6: Monitoring & Evaluation


In order to start getting some feedback we must have an access to our target group and people who participated in the project (and hopefully is still participaing). We assume that you have made nice long standing connections which I mentioned in previous blogs and then you must have communicated about whole process in all the way. So the good start is half the job. This will make half of your questions easier to answer, because people who you work with must be passionate about the theme.

Another very important part is get good feedback from your teammates and yourselves as well. It may sound strange, but we sometimes can’t really notice the whole process as a whole. It may take some time just to obtain a ‘fresh eyes’ and in that part I suggest communicating within your team briefly. You may found some things which you didn’t like along the path and even may want to fix some of your design (we all know that design is being polished ten thousand times till its ‘good enough’) as clear mind provides with some insight in your own work. Anyway don’t haste and do careless fixes because you may cause may damage than good. That’s why your teams here for.

If you can do it, share your research and insights with your target group and research connections. The best way to do it of course to gather for a last meeting to see really how people feel like about the whole process. That should give you more ideas about your design and you may (yes, again!) redesign it!

For nice feedbacking and talking methods on various socal themes google “Compass”. Issued for NGO’s from NGO’s.

Happy feedbacking

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A Brief Evaluation

Personally I feel that my group and I are behind schedule at the moment. However, after talking to the teachers I have realized that it is just my impatience to find information and create some results that’s causing my concern. It seems that we are right on track and that might be caused by the fact that I am this impatient to organize the project and keep my group members busy. I feel that it is very important to have these skills while working in a group. If every member was passive and not trying to push each other forward, then the group could easily fall behind on the progress needed.

As a whole I think that the entire group is up to date on all the findings about our project so far. I keep reminding them to read up on everyone’s writings. If a group member doesn’t take my advice into account, then it’s up to that person to update him or herself. I might be the team leader, but I’m nobody’s mother. I would say that I’m as informed about our project as I can be at the moment. We cannot move forward till we have received more information from the teachers side, which I’m assuming is part of their plan. I did think, that by now, I would have learned more, but perhaps this class isn’t quite as demanding as I thought it would be. Which is something I have heard from several different classmates.

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