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When sarcasm fails

The nice thing about being in a class with many nationalities is that you learn a lot from everyone you meet. You learn, or try to, understand their culture and views of the world, but there are some hiccups related to this. 

One of these hiccups is sarcasm. I am not the most sarcastic person on the planet, I feel like you should be able to have a conversation with someone without an undermining sarcastic response. However once in a while people say things that tickle my sarcasm bone and a remark will come out, generally not a mean one but that depends on your perception. This only becomes a problem when a sarcastic culture (e.g. the Dutch) interacts with a non sarcastic culture, and makes you look like a complete ass. So watch that bone, and guard it like a dog. 

(yes I am purposely leaving out the part where I go in and explain the situation that made me post this and the many many reasons and ways in which either party involved in the sarcastic interaction can en up offended)

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