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Kick-ass FUNdraising!

Fun projects often begin with confusion. How to solve this problem? What’s the point? Etc. But these are necessary questions to ask, if you want to come up with a new and creative solution. But what are the necessary tasks after having come up with a great idea? Production and marketing are two obvious steps, but before anyone gets ahead of him- or herself, they have to work hard on one very important part, Support Fundraising. Without having the funding to produce or market your product/idea, then you won’t get anywhere with your project.

I asked a fellow student of mine, Kiril van der Lans, if there was anything specific, that he would want to know about using social media for support fundraising? Kiril is already familiar with the fundraising website called, which is a fundraising platform for creative projects. What Kiril was most curious about, was how you can make the most use of social media in the future. As well as how you can present yourself the best, which tools you could use to give the most convincing impression and with that inspire investors into funding a project.

Kiril made some very good interesting observations, which I find to be a good starting point in my research these following weeks. I will explore which online platforms are suitable for this project and examine which techniques were used to best interpret their project and ideas into reality.

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