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Well, here we are in week 3 of school group work.

It’s going fine, from my opinion. That said on a few words. I like our groups, people are fun to work with and just fun to hang around with. We’ve found some things that we have in common and spent some time together. The atmosphere in which we work is great, we could be a bit more enthusiastic about it, but anyway.

We did not find any challenges up till now that we couldn’t pass and i hope it will stay that way.

If i would do one thing to try and make everything better, i would try to schedule a couple of extra-school meetings, where we can work but also enjoy ourselves, so people can become more comfortable with each other. Which in my opinion, increases productivity and efficiency.

It’s been great working with you guys so far, hope it will stay the same!

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Online communities and networks

  • What are online communities and networks?

We can put a definition on it, or philosophise about it till the end of time.

Communities and networks are groups of people that share experiences, ideas, photos, music and more.

Nowadays, they have become a way, primarily for people who know each other priorly in real life, to interact with one another.

  • How do people react when somebody is asking for help on a blog, chat community, etc. ?
From my personal experience, only people that have a direct link to the context of the question actually bother to answer it. It’s sad to see people just randomly looking over posts and not bother to answer a simple question.
At the same time, there are people who do actually take the time to share an idea and/or solution for the question at hand.
  • How does innovation design fit in there?

Innovation Design focuses on what people want to change in a product or create a new one to offer a solution to a problem.

Well, designers have to find inspiration. Which they can find in a good book, a magazine, the world around them, or just by asking friends or random people on the internet.

Posting questions on the internet may help you get ideas but at the same time it can help you get feedback on a certain project/idea.

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This was originally published at THE Blog