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Facilitating / Facilitation

It’s only when you start thinking about facilitating that you understand and see how much is being facilitated and how much you facilitate yourself. This is because I feel facilitating is a natural urge, the means to share information and the means to come to common ground on understanding each other.

Earlier today I saw a great documentary about creativity which Bart Hoekstra shared on facebook. It got me thinking about how creativity and spreading of idea works and how it got so much faster and easier in the past decade.

Technology facilitating has become one of the most important ways to share knowledge so that others can in their turn share their knowledge and so on.

If you take this principle to university as is happening, you take away regular ways of education but inspire the students to share great things with each other which in turn leads them to picking up way more knowledge than they would passively learning. In such a case it doesn’t matter that we deviate from the subject matter sometimes because it’s not useless information.

I feel it’s like additive learning, you keep picking up pieces and bits and it confuses you sometimes, but it also challenges you to complete the jigsaw and combine al these pieces into a new piece to complete a bigger jigsaw.

Facilitating others and others facilitating will keep on being of the most important aspects of learning, for without it initiative and infecting others with ideas is lost. Werther it’s trough technological, physical or mental interaction it’ll stay.

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