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Design challenges and Online Communities

What if I had a Design challenge which I needed help on? Where could I find the best support and creative thoughts. There so many platforms out there which all provide for a different audience.

So having made that conclusion, I’d look at what kind of project I have on my hands and try to find a fitting platform for the problem I’m dealing with. Some choices are pretty straight forward. For instance you’ll probably get the largest audience via facebook since it has the largest community.

But maybe I’m dealing with a technical problem? I’m might try to go to which have loads of different DIY projects and a great community to help you out, although forums do great as well they are focused slightly more on a specific subject.

On the other hand I could be having a funding problem, in which case the obvious way to go is a crowd funding site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

Finally collaboration works great on basecamp or google docs.

In the end every problem has a different solution, which is not strange since each and every problem is different. Though if you want to reach the full potential of your project you shouldn’t stick to one platform.

If I had a project I’d make sure it was available on a lot of platforms, so as to reach a wider platform, more and wider range of feedback and convenient for most any situation. Defining it more closely: a basis in Facebook (which everyone uses daily) a crowdfunded part to define and/or create a market with buying customers. And a blog! Especially the blog is important, since you can change the way in looks to fit you project, you can get feedback easily, and make it feel more personal.

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Learning from communities for innovation design

Innovation and Design are two very wide notions, they are easily explained but much less easy understood. Luckily you don’t need to understand them completely to make use of them.

A Great example to me are community sourced ideas, pages that combine a great idea with loads of others or give one person with a great idea the backing/support he or she needs to continue. I hope I can one day be of assistance by adding to an existing idea or solution, or coming up with a solution for something.

The greatest thing though about most of these community (actually all of them) people collaborate out of free will, this unforced collaboration makes idea creation and elaboration so much easier. Compromises or adaptations -to the existing idea- are more easily made since someone started the project to get feedback and suggestions and is will to use these things.

And most of all these innovations are a group effort, so no one will claim or want to claim single right to the solution, evading troublesome things as patent wars etc.

I do not only want to learn from these online communities but I want to add something I feel is useful or even useless(to me) and hope I is useful for someone else.

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This was originally published at Nout Hogesteeger