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Week #4: Dat Tech Guy

Today’s world have this very fast growth speed of technology. Doesn’t matter which direction you will look at, games industry or software, you will see that new versions, fixes and updates of platforms which we use are reaching us more frequently than ever. And I will tell you a fact, not a secret, phase will keep rising up.

Me personally have some software I like, but that mostly depends on how much I’ve worked with it, so whenever there’s is a need of using a different one I don’t get frustrated too much. I just do it.

Of course if you’re working on the team there may be more strict choices made by people who don’t like changing their working environment so much. Well if there is a situation that with certain people a compromise just can’t be reached then at first I wouldn’t like to work with these kind a people. They may be left in management field, but in a design process it would be extremely painful for me to work with them. Although I could, because I am flexible. Anyway, I believe these kind a people rarely get to a creative process so I believe there’s always a room for a group agreement. If still a person has a ‘crush’ on his software of choice then a group just should assign a whole task to that man and hope that he gets it right. Of course feedback and corrections afterwards are a must.


I was a quite sometimes ‘dat tech guy’ in the group who held the responsibility to gather all the knowledge in digital so we could share it easier within and outside the group. Of course I have preferences like using ‘skype’ for a messenger, but people from different background use different messengers and sometimes skype is the rare one in the group so you got to adjust and find a sweet spot for the group communication. So you take a look for other preferences and even sometimes adjust your own as soon as you find something relevant for yourself. That’s innovation, but just in your tools for working with software. I always try to find better newer software, because some of it becomes outdated and then being overtaken by more advanced technology. In other words to say to be competitive you have to follow trends all the time. Doesn’t it apply for most of today’s competiveness in our world?

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Kick-ass FUNdraising!

Fun projects often begin with confusion. How to solve this problem? What’s the point? Etc. But these are necessary questions to ask, if you want to come up with a new and creative solution. But what are the necessary tasks after having come up with a great idea? Production and marketing are two obvious steps, but before anyone gets ahead of him- or herself, they have to work hard on one very important part, Support Fundraising. Without having the funding to produce or market your product/idea, then you won’t get anywhere with your project.

I asked a fellow student of mine, Kiril van der Lans, if there was anything specific, that he would want to know about using social media for support fundraising? Kiril is already familiar with the fundraising website called, which is a fundraising platform for creative projects. What Kiril was most curious about, was how you can make the most use of social media in the future. As well as how you can present yourself the best, which tools you could use to give the most convincing impression and with that inspire investors into funding a project.

Kiril made some very good interesting observations, which I find to be a good starting point in my research these following weeks. I will explore which online platforms are suitable for this project and examine which techniques were used to best interpret their project and ideas into reality.

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A New Face of Community

What changes the definition of community?

  • The definition of community has developed from offline transferring it into the online world.

What it was before was constructed as a group-base forum from a single particular area. If you dwell from the referred area, you automatically become a part of that community -This definition is obsolete. In the online world, social interactions are no longer confined by physical presence. This makes them more mobile and flexible, growing parallel with technology innovation and the rapid transformation of society -This leads to a next level of demand towards simplicity, having your networks at your finger tips, which channels opportunities for the new breed of open innovator designers to devise sustainable format of online platforms and values that are future proof (this is what I’m hoping to learn from this Project Community course).

- I did a small research about what online community most of indonesian students, those who are currently studying at THUAS, use as a social media for exchanging thoughts and getting connected:

  • -The Largest Indonesian Community; this forum helps the students to keep updated of discussions for whatever’s happening in Indonesia and all over the Globe.
  • -One of the Largest Social Networking in the World; since they’re studying abroad, this platform not only helps them keeping in touch with their families and friends but also a media for sharing their lists of personal interests, contact information and other personal information to get attached with others who have something in common stated on their profile.
  • -An Online Social Networking Service and Microblogging Service; mostly used for pointless babble, conversational, pass-along valueself-promotion, spam, news.
  • -A Video Sharing Website; when things get dull and boring or feeling lonely, they know just the resource to look for :p

Happy weekend!

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