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Week #8: Design of Online Communities

How do you base your community project is up to you, but of course as I mention in all my blogs, the core are the people.

For example if you want to base your community when photography is involved, of course the main topic of your community you will take on images they take or which you want to represent. But when you want to involve your community work they are the best solution although it’s not always the best decision to base your feedback on images only. But you have to choose a core.

Deviantart is a good example of community which is really complicated. It’s based on images and on text as well. In fact it’s a community based on creativity itself. It is a product of a years of work and hard dedication. And not only of staff behind it, but a huge amount of feedback and work as well was done by contribution of community. It would’ve never made without it.

Another good example I have is just to show how quickly you can exploit a market targeting privileged. Is for every one well known Facebook. First they invited students from Oxford only what made their Social network privileged. And then I don’t even need to tell how they followed. Of course it was made functional and functions like tagging in my imho made it very attractive, but marketing made a very huge role in granting first market share for the company. As in Deviantart example we can see that it was made to serve purpose and grew from it.

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Week #3: Idea: Experimenting towards solutions

The main goal of this phase is to add your idea a touch of innovation. But good ideas does not come easily. Most people who had those says that it’s the simplicity which makes good ideas great.

I myself participated in few of the brainstorms and would consider myself as an experienced user. But brainstorming is nothing about your experience or something you know. In fact the less you know the better it is. Brainstorming is not a science, it’s an art. The less you know, the less you borders build for your imagination. If you wouldn’t knew that plains do fly you wouldn’t draw them in the flying in the clouds or even give them wings.

The real pain in the a$$ is two things which really separates you and the great revelation for your idea. The first one is your brain, you ask why? Because our right part of the brain is responsible for radical solutions and patterns which makes sense. The awkward moment is when our brain receives the message that we have some kind a problem it tries to implement most reasonable, easiest solution we know. That’s why at the same time we are so smart, but not very creative when we need it. You remembers those times when you lie down in bed and those great ideas start coming with aureole of revelation to your head? Well that’s because you tricked your brain into going hibernate mode and he starts using left side of the brain more. Damn you brain…

Second part of the obstacle, is again, our brain. We just fear to spread our crazy ideas which seem that will be called stupid and get us embarrassed. That’s why one of the most important rules in brainstorming is no judging, completely. You must give people a chance to shout out their ideas and even encourage them. In start the idea might seem impossible to do, unrelated or any other logical reason that brain gives you. But it’s not the time to decide what is good and what is bad, because most of the time one of those 1000’s of ideas will be really good or either lead you towards another innovation which could turn all your business 180°. 

Now lets try and imagine how should our brainstorm look. The size of it should be somewhere around 3 to 5 people. I find it easier to brainstorm if you gather people around you which you know and trust. If you don’t have any people just do it alone, though I found it more difficult.

You may divide tasks between members of the group, but in my case we never did it, because it’s already rationalizing your way of thinking and building some kind a border for your imagination, so I wouldn’t recommend that. As well as I wouldn’t recommend going into deep discussions about one or other point. Of course that doesn’t count if some idea isn’t explained well.

The whole brainstorm atmosphere should be as much informal, but it may vary depending on the people which do it, but most of the time I’d suggest it doing in somewhere where you feel relaxed. You may even grab couple of beers or anything you like, just go with ‘hanging out’ mood and share your ideas.

There are no real solutions or methodology how to get the best ideas, but these are mine tips which I’d like you to use. Just try out every possibility, because sometimes it may look like an absurd idea that people will decline. But the ideas need publicity like air, because they will die if you not test them with real public and real people. It’s impossible to determine what the 7 billion people in our planet wants, so try to find your target group and you might just have a clue where you’re heading towards.

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Blog Prompt Numero Uno

I take a deep breath. And jump. It’s always scary to jump in those areas of the new waters. Where you have no knowledge of how deep and warm water is. But almost always we turn out just ok, as soon as we take a first step to it. We adjust to water temperature, we check the depth of the water. 

water jump

But not always it is good idea to jump into the water just like that. What were you thinking, you could had break your neck! So safety. Safety goes, comes, turns around, walks, dance, as you wish, but it is numero uno when talking about exploring unknown waters. So first of all if we’re completely new with the social networks, we go and register there, explore their technical capabilities and their abilities to help us. Of course they are huge tool for connecting people, companies. Now it divides them into fanpages or fans, groups and group members. So at simple as it looks it may be a little bit deeper than you thought. I am not even talking about privacy settings, which is total mess for casual user. So for now few technical points which we got to know before starting: What is the possibilities for profile? Differences? (Human profile, Fanpage, Page, etc.)How to get more likes?How to get interesting promotions?How to post interesting smiles? These were questions which I discussed with my fellow roommate, as I am not so popular on social networks and no one replied to my posts. Natural new point which prompted for me was: How do I make my post attractive for others? What attracts people to participate? I think this question is very hard to answer, but must be one of the main questions when you’re targeting people from your social networks. Another interesting question catch my mind when I figured out that starting new marketing campaign on facebook. How do you get you first loyal followers? I excluded word ‘loyal’ because catching those really interested new trend followers is a must for a good start. At first we don’t really need just a simple users who will be just a statistic on our report page. We need people who are really interested in our offered product or service. Those people will recommend it for others, if they will like it. So 100% focus on people who can help spreading your network. 

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