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Week 7: Retrospective

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Introduction> reflecting on what it takes to create impact

Seven weeks you have been studying, monitoring, perhaps participating and reflecting on a variety of online spaces that support open and innovative design and collaboration. You have developed a monitoring and evaluation approach. So now is the time to ask ourselves, what does it take to thrive and create value out of these online possibilities? Can we clearly state the value proposition and provide evidence that the proposition has/can be fulfilled? This will be the focus of this week’s discussion and for your team work. By the end of this week you should have a good sense of the ‘story’ you want to tell your ‘client” and clarity on where there is (and maybe where there is not) value in using online communities and networks in the innovative design process. What do they have to learn or do in order to best take advantage of the opportunities.


Discussion #7 :

In your teamwork, you will be addressing the value question around the particular type of design innovation community or network you have been researching. In our class discussion this week, lets look at the challenges. Looking across the different types of communities we’ve researched, what are the barriers? What might we do to get around them?

Teamwork Activity #7:

What is the value proposition today for communities and networks for open innovation design in your part of the design cycle? Overall? Is there a sweet spot? A weak spot? Imagine you are back in front of the imaginary NGO we positioned in the start of the course for the team activities. What would you tell them? Is it worth investing in these areas? Summarize your arguments and post and tag appropriately. This will be part of your final presentation/conclusion.

This week you should also be seriously investigating how you want to put together your online presentation which must be recorded. You might ask our own Alan Levine for ideas as he teaches Digital Storytelling classes!

Personal Blog Reflection Prompt #7:

This week’s reflection question is simple. If you had a design challenge, would you join and participate in one of the types of online communities we’ve been researching? Why or why not?

3 comments on “Week 7: Retrospective
  1. East Field 72 says:

    Value Proposition

    Our value proposition while using social media and crowfunding is a complex problem that does not really allow us promise any success to the NGO because of the nature of charitable donations. Because we cannot force people to contribute even if they believe a cause is worthy. We believe that people will donate more money if they can actually see that the money is being used correctly and effectively to help those in need. This makes it necessary to work hard on different aspects of the social interaction to better teach and show how the money is being used. Transparency is the key to this and something that we have to focus on to even be able to try to raise any money. Crowdfunding is fickle when trying to raise money for a cause without a very complex social media network and strategy, IndieGoGo advise their customers plan and execute it to the best of their ability. Our value proposition lies in the fact that we will advise our client to create the best platform for IndieGoGo in order to have it succeed and raise the most funds and exposer.
    We would advise our client that there is nothing to lose while using indiegogo. Even if the goal is not achieved, you still receive some funding and at least some exposure. This is good when thinking into the future and will make it easier to gain exposure later on.
    In summery we would try to advise our client to definitively use IndieGoGo as there is basically nothing to lose by using crowd funding.

  2. Nancy White says:

    Hey, East Field 72, I first want to thank you for taking the time to post a response. Having been on the road for three weeks, I feel like I’m just catching up this quiet, Sunday morning. I posted a blog comment that was stimulated by your post and particularly the comment “nothing to lose” (you can find it here

  3. Yes, I agree. The client must see the financial value… or at least the value they’re looking for. For example, a group of students I am lucky to work with organized a workshop about how to make the World Championship Beach Volleyball 2015 more sustainable (which, btw will be held in The Netherlands).
    A pretty cool thing which shows just this, came out of the workshop (and sorry, it’s still top secret 🙂 – make changes visable… that’s what it’s all about.

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