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Do you have any questions about this class? Or maybe you have the answer for someone else’s? Use the comments box below to ask or answer. As time progresses, we will pull out more common ones as a reference.

15 comments on “Q&A
  1. Project Community says:

    Use this area for questions and answers! If you reply, it should be a threaded discussion.

  2. Nancy White says:


  3. Nancy White says:

    Is there a way to subscribe to everything on the site in one step? Paging @cogdog!

  4. Milka Mantas says:

    Is the 4I model is going to be fully explained in this course?

  5. Could we get a bigger ‘Recently Said…’ activity feed somewhere? That would improve keeping track of what happens here a lot. Especially since we don’t have a WP Dashboard at our dispense 😉

  6. Nancy White says:

    Sorry, I missed that request, Bart. (My subscriptions aren’t working quite as I wished). I will ping Alan immediately! Thanks for “bumpign” it!

  7. Project Community says:

    Alan is on it to expand the comments, and hopefully build and archive. The best way is to subscribe to the RSS feed for all comments

    Stay tuned

  8. Alan Levine says:

    Okay I have replaced the sidebar widget with something new for recent comments- it now lists on order of posts with the most recent comments, and lists the 3 most recent comments in that post. There is also a next/back navigation that allows you to page through the comments in the same page (see front page of site).

    There is now a new page which is an archive of all comments.

    If you prefer them just to be listed in chronological order, let me know.

  9. Frederieke Brands says:

    What is meant by “How much does your personal preference drive your tool choices”? Because if you have a personal preference towards a tool you just use that tool and if you dislike a tool you just don’t use it.

  10. Nancy White says:

    Hi Frederieke — yes, you are on the right track. (And sorry I keep missing these messages here. I have subscribed, but am not getting the alerts). The main point here is to be able to be aware of our own preferences (logical or not — and sometimes they are NOT logical) and be able to also see and understand the preferences of others because when we steward technology ON THEIR BEHALF we can’t just think about our preferences and biases. Does that make sense?

  11. Alan Levine says:

    Okay here is a comment I am entering, and testing to see if I have the option to edit it after submitting (new plugin testing).

    Yep, you can edit a comment for 5 minutes after submitting it.

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