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Personal Blog Reflection Prompt #7

This week’s reflection question is simple. If you had a design challenge, would you join and participate in one of the types of online communities we’ve been researching? Why or why not?

I have met a lot of challenges in this course till now. But when we talk about design challenge we can understand different things depends on the context. First that comes to my mind when I see the words “design challenge”, is to draw something, come up with something visual for this online community. But when there is connection between design and online communities I understand to create an online community, to come up with idea about this community – what online space you are going to use? , how will look like if it is a web page or blog? , what will be the main reason to do this community? , how people will participate in it? , and more other question.

So my answer on the question: “. If you had a design challenge, would you join and participate in one of the types of online communities we’ve been researching?” , depends on what will be my job. If I will be a designer for that community, who will make the visual stuff and effect I will definitely agree to do it. It will be challenging for me to design in this field. In this way I can improve my skill and learn new one, it is always useful to practice in different fields.  But if I must be the one who is going to create the online community, take care about everything happening in it and doing boring stuff, my answer will be: No. I hope you will understand me in the right way. I like using online communities, be part of them, post comments and looking for feedback but the idea to be responsible for a whole community and everything happening on the online platform could be a little bit scaringJ.      Something else which is also a factor is the people I am going to work with – will it be an individual work or group work. Because I am more individualistic and don’t really like to work in big groups because it is really hard to have an agreement with everybody.

I am always trying to be open for new challenges in my personal and professional life.



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4 comments on “Personal Blog Reflection Prompt #7
  1. Nadezhda Stefanova says:

    To be honest, when I read your post I just wondered how did you think of all these questions … but in few seconds I told to myself ” He is totally right” and you helped me to find out some connections between online communities and the design challenge. Thanks ! 😉

  2. deyan, as our group have been researching several kinds of platforms and one of them is ranging in the field of education, for this matter, how would you devise your contribution in education domain for the challenge functioning as a designer? as we agreed on making access available for the teachers to get support for all study means through the NGO networks, what would be the challenge on doing so? like for example, how does the political influence affect the process of making this idea into working?

  3. Nadezhda Stefanova says:

    Good question, Ayesha.

  4. Nancy White says:

    Facilitating groups IS hard work. And not all of us are suited to that role (just as not all of us are good at visualizing ideas.) For me, this is an essential part of success – using the diverse talents of a community or network, creating something that none of us could create by ourselves. But it DOES come at a cost. Knowing when the value is worth the cost is the critical question here. How do you assess this? How do you really measure it once you are underway? (And I love, Ayesha, that you brought the political/power issue to the table. It is VERY real. Think of the power of unequal mastery over English in this group?)

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