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Personal Blog Reflection Prompt #6

When I look at our team work I see a lot of confusion. At first no one really knew what we were doing/learning. After a while we all understood the bigger picture but everyone seemed to have a different approach or understanding on what, when and how to do it. Communication is still a bit of a problem in our group but still we managed to put up a plan where everyone knows what he or she is doing.

The mentioned confusion obviously affected my personal contribution to the team which means that I constantly was asking questions because it did not seem that we all were on the same page. Struggling with this issue I tried to do my best in contributing Ideas regarding our final project/product. Still I’m not satisfied with my personal contribution so far (which I’m working on) but there also are some discrepancies regarding our group dynamics which makes me feel uncomfortable and not taken seriously.

The monitoring and evaluation of my learnings I’m quiet pleased because the course is really hands-on which I really like because I’m a ‘learning by doing’ person. But still I wish that we might look more inside those communities - how to work on an actual project - just to get a better insight and more experience. Don’t understand me wrong.. We have learned a lot about online communities and networks in theoretical but we haven’t actually worked inside a project (on those communities and networks) which would give us all more practical experience and knowledge.

(P.S.: Sorry that I’m running late with this post but I totally forgot about it due to my illness. Hope you guys understand.)

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