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Online communities for a design challenge?

If I had a design challenge of course I would join and participate in an online community, for example I would use Facebook, because that is the main online community that I have been working with. From my point of view Facebook is the most important online community, because a lot of people in the world use it, and you can find any kind of person, from almost any age, with different interests and different points of view.

For my design challenge, first I would find my target group, and after that, I would upload pictures or videos about my ideas so I can get feedback from the people interested on my design. Also I would put tests and questions so I can know everyone’s opinions and preferences. After seeing the results is going to be easier for me to be done with my design because I am going to know exactly what my target group wants.

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4 comments on “Online communities for a design challenge?
  1. well, it’d be better if everything is not only confined within Facebook. What would be the challenge if you do so? There is still a bunch of opportunities beyond that, we never know. I would suggest you to concern on broadening your far-reaching domain wider, expanding your boundaries. and how do you measure your design value? what would be the values of your design concentrate on? values that center on human well being, human dignity, justice, welfare, human rights, environment, ecology, sustainability?

  2. Vasilis says:

    I agree with Ayesha here, using more online communities would certainly be better even though most people in the world use facebook, for example going on some more specialized communities after you get something more solid out of facebook would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?

  3. Nancy White says:

    Ayesha, you are bringing a really important set of questions to the conversation (here and in other blog posts). This raises the question about “value from whose perspective.?” From the individual designer? From those asking for the design? For the value the design brings to the world?

    The Facebook observation also provokes me to ask – what about all the people who AREN’T on Facebook?

  4. doina2004 says:

    For people that are not on Facebook, there are online platforms as Ushahidi or OpenIDEO that allows people challenge some problems ,giving feedback and coming up with ideas in order to resolve that matter. as well Facebook is well known for interacting with people but i thing it does not have a wide range in order to manage problems and resolve them.

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