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Online communities: chance to rethink it over and over again implementing it and then putting it to practice.

If I had an idea, I would have probably joined online communities. The type of online communities I would join would depend on the context of design challenge itself. These can include your purpose and goals, so whether you want to reach out to the world. However, also includes your lacks, problems and orientations, in which the specific online community could help you. Some online communities for example concentrate on how to market and finance, while the others are concentrating how to find enthusiastic people. So it really depends on either your lacks, or your purpose.

The reason why I would want to join an online community is because it makes work easier and faster. Even though group work has its disadvantages, I think it definitely expands your learning through collaboration. The process whilst ‘getting there’ is the biggest learning experiences such online communities provide.  Besides that working in/with such online groups will stimulate action, process, and your motivation.

I would join work team, as they play a big role in gathering the people to collaborate online. This was my group, and I very much enjoyed researching different platforms and tools platforms offered, to guide our client. By working together with an online community, your design challenge gets much more realistic and specific making the project easier for you.

In all, I would have worked with an online community as you get to experience yourself how processes are done through online. In a world where technology is improving rapidly, you perhaps need to work with an online community or know about them.

“Making ideas happen isn’t easy and requires patience, determination and hard work. The most important part of it is not just coming up with a promising concept, but rather rethinking it over and over again, implementing it and then putting it to practice” Robert Hartland



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2 comments on “Online communities: chance to rethink it over and over again implementing it and then putting it to practice.
  1. Nancy White says:

    Busra, it is very interesting that you start your thesis from a perspective of efficiency, but as that paragraph evolves, you talk about the LEARNING. In my experience, the learning has been central, but the efficiency… not so much, at least at the beginning. There is something we all seem to need to learn to make it work.

    In terms of the technology, what sort of “dream environment” would you like to see?

  2. I do see Bushra’s answer as the first to really answer the question so specifically, Thanks Girl, good luck along with your team to get the job done now 🙂

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