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My network workings

I use several different online platforms and with each platform there are different levels of interactions. Tumblr, and my other blogging platforms are used by me in a very pseudo anonymous way. I interact with a lot of people try to have conversations with them but I never let go of crucial information that can lead to my identification. This is just a safety net for me, and it is not one I will drop any time soon. As a blogger I do not tap into many people’s networks, but when I do I like to poke around a bit, get to know everyone and gain more knowledge. So I guess I act as an individual on these platforms. 

Other platforms like Facebook are used very differently, but safely. I know all the people in my friends list, and I do not accept requests from people I do not recognise. This way I know that I can openly interact with the people in my network without having to worry much about the information that is let free. 

The tapping into networks when it comes to facebook is mostly done offline, and then later continued and expanded online over facebook. This way you have a chance to continue talking to people that you have only met once or twice but share a lot of interests with. Facebook has also connected me to many defined groups, most of these are project groups, or little event groups. 

However much I might be using these platforms at the moment I am not even close to reaching their full potential yet. But I am slowly getting there by expanding my networks, exploring more opportunities in life and just seeing where  different choices can get me. I am not going into too much detail about this yet because I am still busy exploring this and I do not have any real conclusions on this yet. 

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2 comments on “My network workings
  1. Geoffrey, right? How about a “Poem of the day” or something like that? Treat us once and a while! 🙂
    How about it, any conclusions yet? Any at all?

    • Oehh I LOVE that idea 😀 haha.
      Poem of the day sounds awesome, I will post one in a few minutes. It was a poem that I did during my cultural differences presentation.

      I don’t know, I think I am getting there. What I am loving is this google hangout thing, just gets me to build thoughts on more platforms and the different uses of them.

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