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My advice to online communities


In the last weeks I explored many different online communities and discovered their advantages and disadvantages. Most communities are similar but they focus on different aspects as for example some are basically for sharing pictures or videos and others focus on reports and daily life news.

However most communities are the same there is something that distinguishes them from each other.

Is it the way the community is created ? the design? the layout? the tools?

Even though there are heaps of online communities I am wondering why facebook is still the most famous one.

I would say the reason why facebook is the most common online community is on the one hand because it is simple but still useful designed and on the other hand it is the fame.

…the more people have it, the more people want it and the more people need it!

Due to the fact that almost everyone has a facebook profile and it even became a necessary part of work and studies, people can’t live without it.

Why putting effort on exploring new communities and creating new profiles when facebook gives you all basic needs to communicate and all your friends are there?

I realised that people are sometimes lazy in this case. They want it simple and they don’t like changes as I recognized how many people started complaining when facebook once changed their lay out or messagimg tools.

Anyway if I would advice communities how to create and design their platforms I would say the most important things are:

-         make it easy and simple so that everybody will be able to use and understand the platform without to much effort

-         but also have a big diversity of tools and opportunities to share your life such as chats,  pictures, interests etc.

-         find your right target group, people of the same age, same interest or society etc.

-         be distinctive and special. If  people like the community they will automatically share it with their friends and the fame will rapidly increase


All in all I would say there are still some possibilities to create a good and famous online community as I know that there are already a few people who doesn’t like facebook anymore and deleted their accounts for a reason. If you would analyse those reasons and create an online community that also focuses on other things than daily private life crisis, I think there might be a way to succeed. But as I can say from myself I sometimes belong to the simple people who feel forced to go with the flow and profit from the bunch of contacts on facebook. I found it really interesting to discover other online communities in the last weeks and I really appreciate the great advantages of communities like google plus which it now my favourite way of online video chatting but I am still a person who needs other peoples advices to make use of other communities than facebook because I have never been a person that had much patience to explore new online systems.

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2 comments on “My advice to online communities
  1. I would also add:
    – go with the flow and keep up with the newest trends and wishes of the majority of the users!
    Good luck with the final project!

  2. Nancy White says:

    I’d love to learn more about your “make it distinctive” principle, because I see that the competition for people’s time and attention online is a HUGE challenge. What are some ideas?

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  • Nancy White { Doc is amazing! Thanks for the pointer to the video. I finally found time to look at it today! } – Nov 18, 11:36 PM
  • Nancy White { I wonder if it is immaturity, or that there is a culture that lacks critical thinking??? } – Nov 18, 4:24 PM
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