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Learning so far

So far we’ve all been through kind of a confusing group process. Sometimes we think we’re clear about what to do, often times we’re not entirely. That results in us changing directions or opinions and views on what to do all the time. When we started off I was pretty sure about what we should do, but that feeling of knowing what to do sometimes makes place for the opposite and it goes on like that all the time.

My personal contribution so far to the project has mainly been that I try to come up with things that we can do. Since I so far have — I think — the best general understanding of the platforms we’re researching, I try to keep that clear in the minds of my teammates. That’s my main role I think. In the upcoming weeks my role will shift more to (meticulously) stitching the final product together.

Monitoring the learnings so far is kind of a tricky thing to do. I think if we really wanted to monitor that, we should actually be doing the things we propose in our final presentations. We should try using OpenIDEO once for our own projects. Or if we are in a group working on funding, we should try funding some of our projects. Depending on the results of those acts we can assess the knowledge and skills that we have gained.

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