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Learn so far

For me, it is still very interesting the hole process of learning, writing having feedback and develop ideas that my help people in need. i think the phase of design the product it is very important because you can use platforms to write, receive feedback and post your ideas for a noble cause, and maybe in a short time, it will become reality.

I liked that we could see the other group’s work and give them feedback and receive as well for our work. It is interactive to discuss and have debates on the products, ideas and solutions for causes.

For designing a product it is needed to have many ideas, practical actions and develop it for as many people as possible. Only the think that you create a product for some people who need it, gives you power and make you continue without stops. 

I liked the activity form last week. it helped me focus more on the product, on persons and on the challenge. Now i really feel that i did something in order to improve my work. 

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  1. Nancy White says:

    Hi Donina — sorry I did not see this posting until today. I agree that being able to get feedback and other people’s perspective is really helpful when I’m trying to create something. Part of that is my way of learning – I have to talk about things to figure them out. But the main thing is finally realizing that for me, good design is about tapping into wider knowledge, then bringing into a new and useful form through the design. So feedback is critical and I find myself nodding in strong agreement with your reflection! Thanks

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