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I’m a big question mark..

I’m gonna have to be completely honest here, I simply do not understand this week’s blog prompt. This is also the reason why it has taken me so long to find that piece of paper and pen. But here we go; I’ll give it a try.

During this course I have researched several fundraising websites and have learned a lot about how they function. I have mainly been working on Indiegogo and the interesting part about their operations is how they are able to reach a large range of people to support the campaigns through social media and online communities. They encourage their users to use all the social media tools at hand to promote their causes and for their network to then share it with their network. They make it easy for their Indiegogo users to share all their campaign information and they even go as far as explaining how to get the best use out of social media. By getting their users to do this, they give them a better chance at succeeding at reaching their funding goal.
And if the users are doing well at creating activity about their campaign, then they will receive extra attention from Indiegogo and their contributors by being featured prominently on the frontpage of Indiegogo and by being contributed in the Indiegogo press outreach.

To be successful in fundraising it is very important to stay active and generate attention, to which Indiegogo is a superb facilitator.

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3 comments on “I’m a big question mark..
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hi Maja

    Perhaps I did not frame the question well enough. The intent of it was to ask you to consider if and how you would use online networks and communities in your practice as a designer. If you had a challenging design project, would you turn to online communities to help you? If so, at what point along the design process do you think they would be most helpful to you.

    Does that make more sense?

  2. Maja Imfeld says:

    Hi Nancy
    Yes, that was actually a big help, much clearer, thank you! And to answer your question properly, then yes, I would definitely take advantage of the knowledge I’ve achieved during this class. After having come up with a concept and creating the business plan for a new innovative project, the next obvious step would be to seek funding. There are several different fundraising websites on the internet, all with the specialized area of expertise, which is very handy information if I very where to be in need of this knowledge later on.

    • Nancy White says:

      This goes to show I ALWAYS need an editor when I write questions. 😉

      I’m glad to read that you see the fundraising value! Hopefully as you heard from the other teams, you also get some ideas for the possibilities across the other parts of the design cycle.

      Thanks again.


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