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How not to get lost in time while following links

Hi, I’m looking for tips on how to stay focused on line. I keep klicking on links, trying to get started and before I know it, another hour has past.

Any Tips?

It seems that things are starting to fall into place.

Almost everyone in my groups posted their blog on time and now I have to scurry to read them all. From poetry to interesting facts on different platforms, to google hangouts, to asking students from other faculties and family (my kids) to write down where they see theirselves in 10-20 years.

I love it. It’s keeping me very busy (actually spending way too much time every day since I do like to do it)… but I have to make sure my other classes don’t suffer as a result.

So, I like the tips:

  • Dream about your passions and see how you can follow them
  • Facebook can be cool, but very time consuming if you are a member of every group.
  • Most team leaders will adjust to the group wishes concerning which platform to use
  • Google Hangout can be very handy (if the wifi works perfectly)
  • Choose a “fake” project for the NGO - create a situation so you can experience trying to fullfill the unmet need.
  • Coming to classes and being on time helps group spirit.
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