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Face to challenge

If there are design challenges, I will not choose to consulting online community. I prefer to find a friend or teacher discussion.
Because I feel to go to online community post to consulting others problem is not accurate and satisfactory answer. General in the online community message, they are most of student or visitors, they can only providing personal opinions or ideas. But we went to ask teacher or go to the library to find relevant books, they can provide us is professional, accurate information. Because the book is millions of people to the crystallization of discussion and research. On the other hand, I don’t reject to online consulting the answer, after all, this is a the fastest, the most convenient way to get informations what you need. We can on share each other thoughts and then to do more innovation and exploration, it sounds will be very interesting. The best example is my group, I be proud of them, because we can quickly discuss a method to deal with difficulties. So I accept the challenge,because it;s  not only a problem but also motivate for us..

Finally, I want to say on this one more months of study, I face too right challenges and difficulties. As a designer of the road, I think it will face more challenges, but no matter so, I will make my choice

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2 comments on “Face to challenge
  1. Nancy White says:

    Hi Zhen Wu

    Your observation about expertise is very interesting to me. I have had a very different experience. When working in supposedly “professional” organizations, I have found that sometimes they limit their own thinking, they are “stuck” in their traditional ideas that no longer are relevant in a changed world. When I was able to tap into thinking outside the organization and bring it in, things really started to change.

    I deeply respect expertise, but also question that expertise only sits in formal, validated forms and institutions. That said, it can be much more challenging – both in terms of how we do it (process) and how we receive it (challenging our own assumptions)- to think and design out in the open world.

    That said, I do think it is worth it. I would never have learned what I brought and shared with this class in a classroom or a book. It came from learning with and from others out in the world.

    I say this not to contradict your opinion, but to show there are other experiences. Other choices to be made if and when the time comes! 🙂

  2. I agree with Nancy, I think the more you actually do it yourself, the more useful it will become. Your proficiency will improve and the more curious you are, the faster your project can go. I’d like you to think about this, because we will be doing a lot of on-line work in the future, and as Open Innovators, we need to keep up with new ways to work.
    Good luck with your group video & work.

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