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Exploring weaknesses in a group and personal setting

I feel that our group, East Field 72, works best either before our class/coaching section or directly after a break where we have all had something to eat. Most of the time though, someone has to take charge to make sure that our group work and team activity’s get done. Though it sounds hectic we do end up finishing the group. Same thing cannot be said about my personal blog and my Tumblr experience. MY inability to to post concise and on time material. I can sit here and discuss excuses as to why this is happening, but I wont. This is a problem I have addressed and will be solving.

Some small ideas i have that could possibly help my group and myself are: 

Meeting up either before or a different day then class.

This could really help take away some stress that our team is currently feeling and help create better and bigger ideas.

For myself I need to take the time and just frankly put in much more effort as to not let down my group as a whole. 

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2 comments on “Exploring weaknesses in a group and personal setting
  1. Nancy White says:

    Great reflection, Karl. There is another thing to remember. When we spot a weakness, it is often the second “face” of a strength. By seeing both the dark and light sides of our characteristics, we can often find a way to use the strengths. For example, I have a short attention span. As a strength, this allows me to scan and filter a lot of content, see patterns and react quickly. As a weakness, I tend to not listen carefully or multitask and thus reduce attention and focus.

    Once I understood that my poor listening skills were related to my short attention span, I developed practices that helped me. I think I have become a better listener. (Curious what practices I changed?) 🙂

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