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Different situation but same solution. #Prompt6

I think that for this assignment I will have to do a two part blog post. Because since I am part of two groups and have different roles in each of them I act differently on each of them. So if you are part of my Personal Branding group skip to the second part.

Part 1.

Regarding the Project community group I think that my role is abstract and not only mine but every ones in the team. The way we work is actually like a team because our work is different from week to week so we try to change roles every week but eventually we all and up giving idea and developing them, one does some research and after this we all go on to the Google Docs document and answer the questions posted by the teachers at the week’s assignment.
I must say that I like the way we are working with this group, it really feels like we are getting things done together as a team and not individually, none of us takes credit more than the other because we are dispersing the work equally throughout the whole team. Although this kind of work might not be the most efficient but giving the circumstances that we don’t really know the next assignment gives us the freedom to act in a more disordered but still productive way.

Part 2.

As for the Project community this is a whole different scenario. Because in this case we have different roles because we do have our final goal clear.
Being the projects Account Manager is have the responsibility to contact with the client which I must say it’s not a hard thing to do, but that’s not all. As with my other team we all come together when there is a lot of work to do and kind of ignore our roles. For example last week we had to finish up the week’s assignment before our meeting with the coach and so we did, we had a online meeting and we contributed in the power point we created for this.

So from what I have seen in both teams we come together when there is a lot of work to do and actually do the work pretty well and efficiently. I can say I am really happy with the results I have gotten from the teams so far. More to come.

I am not clear on how to evaluate my work so far but I think everything will be reflected on the end project but I think that the weekly reports work really good as a evaluating document and also to keep a eye if we are behind or on time with the project and it might work for the team as well.

Regarding the monitoring and evaluation of the whole class the reports might not be enough, what I think we should do is every two weeks take the grades we have so far and take average out of that in order to see our ups and downs as a whole class, because we already are being evaluated from our reports. We could even do a software for this to keep track of our progress, I personally have no idea how to do it but I think Shahab might be able to do it :P.

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2 comments on “Different situation but same solution. #Prompt6
  1. Nadezhda Stefanova says:

    Nice blog, Johan, and awesome pic ! :)))
    Don’t you think that you should can evaluate your individual work, because you must understand your mistakes and improve them ?

    • Johan Bagkoutsa says:

      See this is the problem, you can’t fully evaluate yourself you will almost always miss a couple of mistakes because if you set up your mind that you did it good and posted or handed in you assignment than you eye will be immune to your mistakes that’s why we let the teachers evaluate our assignments. Otherwise each and every one of us would have scored 10’s all year long!

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