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Deadline, Presentation day, grading and criteria

  • The deadline for submitting your multimedia presentation is November 13th, 23:59 CET. Please send your presentation or its link to (for sending your files you can use
  • The final presentation and evaluation is on November 14, at 10:00-12:00 in Ov.3.37 and the comittee will evaluate the projects from 12:00-13:30.
  • Regarding grading there are some conditions and criteria. They are summed up here for your convenience:
    • Participation in Course online conversations and F2F meetings
    • Weekly discussions which may be F2F, online in Blackboard or in other online environments.
    • Reflective blog posts & responses – 50% (the average of the individual marks online)
      • You will be expected to post weekly in your blog based on the week’s prompt. Additional blog posts will be considered towards increasing the blogging grade. Grading is based on writing which exhibits critical thinking on the weekly topic, justification of ideas, evidence of innovation by bringing in external ideas into the course, and clarity of writing.
      • Responses to peers’ blog posts – you will be expected to read and reply to blog posts of your fellow learners. We recommend that you reply to at least one of your team mates’ posts weekly and one other person’s outside of your team. Grading is based on relevance of reply to the post and what additional value you bring to your peers’ ideas and thoughts.
    • Team Project – 50% (the average of the team project marks online are an indication)
      • Engagement and completion in weekly “line of sight” assignments which build towards team projects. The overall team projects will have weekly milestones which should be completed and posted by the teams in their team work area. The final project should be built upon these interim milestones and elements. Grading will be based upon timely completion, quality of work, and evidence of full team participation.
    • Final team project multimedia group report The final exam for this course is a multimedia “report” created by the team and posted online.
    1. clear storyline containing the problem, purpose and advice
    2. presentation reflects the topics that have been discussed in class (weekly syllabus).
    • Reflections & Peer feedback – you will be asked to fill out a peer feedback form for each of your teammates and their feedback on you will constitute part of your performance evaluation in the course.



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