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Blog Reflection: Week 6

I think so far I have contributed a solid amount to my team’s project. I have attended every class so far, and I feel like in every class our group gets a lot done. I think I make contributions in class time by actively participating in our discussions, giving feedback and opinions, and working together with the group on what needs to be done for our project. Outside of the class time I contribute to my team by commenting on their blog posts every week to give feedback, and by also doing my assigned work. This was actually difficult at first without having a clear end goal, but as the end goal has gotten more clear I have found it easier to contribute more to the project outside of class time. A few weeks ago I was in charge of researching the website, and I made a word document containing a summary of what the website is about, and how it works. This is probably my most tangible contribution up until this point. In the coming weeks one of my tasks is to help summarize our theory of change for our NGO, this will be my next tangible contribution. As far as intangible contributions, I will brain storm how our team can create/share our final product in 8 minutes or less, and what tools we can use to do this. 

I think the best way to evaluate my learnings so far is my application of them in the group work. Everything I have learned in the lectures I have been able to apply in the group, especially in terms of the online networking and platforms, and online facilitation. Our group has done a large portion of our work on the online platforms, and we have learned a lot about how to use these in the lecture. I think this is also a good way to evaluate the group’s learnings as a whole. Our learning is pretty clear to see as a group, because every week we have a clearer picture of what we need to do, and our work output increasing week by week has demonstrated our learning every week. As far as the class’s learning I think it is actually quite difficult to assess, but in my opinion it is easiest to assess the learning in the class’s use of the online platforms. In a previous class each group did some presentations on what they had been doing, and I thought this was a nice overview of the class’s learnings. As well as this, the spider diagrams which were drawn on the whiteboard in the classroom were also a good evaluation of what the class has learned so far and how they are applying it. 

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