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Learn so far

For me, it is still very interesting the hole process of learning, writing having feedback and develop ideas that my help people in need. i think the phase of design the product it is very important because you can use platforms to write, receive feedback and post your ideas for a noble cause, and maybe in a short time, it will become reality.

I liked that we could see the other group’s work and give them feedback and receive as well for our work. It is interactive to discuss and have debates on the products, ideas and solutions for causes.

For designing a product it is needed to have many ideas, practical actions and develop it for as many people as possible. Only the think that you create a product for some people who need it, gives you power and make you continue without stops. 

I liked the activity form last week. it helped me focus more on the product, on persons and on the challenge. Now i really feel that i did something in order to improve my work. 

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Third week for me

This is already my third week at this course and i like it more and more. The online platforms that we are using in order to communicate with the colleagues, the teams and the teachers, i think that are very useful. It is very interesting to see and talk with other persons about your projects and with their help to improve your work. It is helpful as well to see the others work and to learn from them as they learn from you. it is a experience and knowledge exchange.

For me it is a new thing, and a new way of working in teams. All the teachers help you and they offer their support every time you need it.

I think one of the most important things at this course, is that we are all in the same class with the teachers (Area51). This is a very interesting idea and makes students interact more with their teachers when they need help. Last year, at the other program, in order to talk with a teacher or to have a feedback, you had to make appointments, or they were sending you to other persons telling you that they can’t help you, or even better telling you that they don’t have time for you.It was frustrating and it gave you the impression that no one is helping you when you need it. 

But here, it is a different story. Everyone is willing to help you anytime you need and the online facilitation programs are very interactive.

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Amazing week

Every day that is passing i like this program more and more. We just ended up the conversation with Nancy on Google Plus. Even i had some problems with my video and mic, i could listen and see everyone. It is so nice to know that there are person who help you and give feedback on what are you doing in order to succeed in the end.

Beside today, the entire IDE program is spectacular. Nice projects and great class mates. There are so many things to do, but at least the only thing that matters is that everyone is involved and you are working with pleasure. No stress and no angry persons:))

Being new and still learning about all these, it is fascinating how many people want to help you and provide you information. I don’t think that it was a minute for me not feeling like i belong in this class. WOW.

I don’t know how many of you have experienced other programs or other universities, but here is the only place where i found so many nice persons and great programs.

There are not many students who can’t wait to go everyday at uni, but for me this is a feeling i am experimenting everyday.

thank you everyone for the help you gave me. it meant a lot to me!!!


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Week 3

As i joined the group after 3 weeks, it will be a real challenge for me to work with you. i always loved to be part of a group and to work heart by heart to accomplish a goal. I am coming tomorrow prepared with a lot of questions and i hope you can answer me to all of them. i need a little time to come on the right track. if there are any tasks that i should do, please tell me. i am looking foreword working with you. see you tomorrow. 

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